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Working Dogs Diet & Health

Most dogs are kept as companion animals but there are many who are still used in various fields of work that require high energy and stamina levels to be maintained; sheepdogs, sled dogs, gundogs, hounds etc.

Damiana & Kola Tablets will increase alertness and stamina in working dogs and should be given 2 hours before activity.

The dietary requirements of the working dog is much greater than that of companion dogs. Their diet needs a higher level of protein, carbohydrate and energy producing foods to maintain their activity. Good quality meat has always been the main food for dogs in work, providing the high level of protein necessary, and is a good basis for their diet.

Keeper’s Mix® should also be given to provide a wide range of important vitamins and minerals in an easily assimilated form. In colder weather Cod Liver Oil Capsules will provide energy, which is slowly released to give extra stamina and is therefore a useful addition to the diet of working dogs.

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