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Cat Shows (Stress in Cats)

Cats can sometimes become unsettled when being handled or taken from their pens either during vetting or actual judging in cat shows. Unfortunately just one incident of rough handling or a bad experience at a show can cause a lack of confidence and a subsequent inability to relax in the environment.

Show cats are used to being handled by their owners but it can be more difficult for them to become familiar with strangers handling them, especially when they are still young and inexperienced. It is very helpful if they can be regularly taken out of their carrying boxes and handled by people they don’t know. If they are feeling calm and relaxed during this handling they will soon become used to it and easier for strangers to handle.

Valerian Compound is ideal for this type of situation as the aroma of Valerian root is very appealing to cats who find it particularly attractive and very calming. Give half an hour before handling to relax your cat or drop a few drops onto the bedding where the aroma will make them feel more settled. After just a short period they will be much happier to be handled, even by strangers.

“I just wanted to say that your products never fail to work magic on my dogs and solve whatever problem I am dealing with at the time. I find your service at dog shows to be very friendly, approachable and professional. I have utmost faith in your advice and products. Obviously I always use a vet when necessary but when a dog is out of condition or something similar you always have something that works and you are always my first port of call when things aren’t going well with a dog , it’s a wonderful service.” Jemma Simpson, Ashton-under-Lyne

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Nervousness or Anxiety leaflet.

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