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Green Initiatives & Quality Standards

We are lucky enough to live and work in a beautiful part of the world and we are very aware that all our activities have some effect on the environment.

We carry out an environmental assessment of all our activities on a regular basis and have done so for many years. We aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and take positive actions to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible in everything we do. We are always striving to constantly upgrade our green credentials as well as ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.


All of our packaging is easily collected in domestic recycling and can be recycled several times with stable quality.

Tablet pots

All our pots are made from High-Density Polyethylene, also called HDPE (high-density polyethylene), that has a high strength-to-density ratio which results in superb wear resistance. HDPE products withstand heating and freezing so they can be used in various weather conditions.

As part of our recent rebrand, our tablet pots are now Bio-plastic, made from renewable plant-based resources such as sugar cane or corn or other biological resources, providing a more sustainable alternative to raw materials derived from petroleum, still be classified as food grade. These provide the same shelf life and longevity for quality products.

Powder pots

Our powder pots are number 5 polypropylene, or PP, which are food grade. All our powder pots can be recycled in household recycling. We recommend checking with your local council.

Shampoo bottles & bars

Our shampoo bottles are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 1 plastic, made of 60% recycled plastic. Bio-based bottles are not yet available, but we will be moving to these when they are. All our shampoo bars are completely plastic-free with 100% recyclable packaging.

Delivery packaging

Above 95% of our delivery packaging is plastic free. We reuse existing boxes to send orders out, with any cardboard waste within the business turned into shredding used to line boxes or cushion products.

We also now only shrink wrap to order for wholesale, with the shrink wrapper using recycled plastic shrink film and any shrink film waste we recycle at local supermarkets. Bio-degradable bubble wrap is now also used to protect glass products, having a positive impact on the environment as the bags will degrade and still offer protection to avoid damage in transit.

Where required, we wrap plastic liquids in waste cardboard, and tape with eco paper / water gummed tape. This ensures waste cardboard is never wasted material and allows reuse of material to send products safely without damage in transit.

New 100% paper Jiffy/mailing bags are also now used and although more costly, the environmental positives easily out way the negatives of price.

Bio fill

We also use bio fill made of corn starch and 100% biodegradable, which also dissolves in warm water. This ensures the product will degrade and reduces impact on the environment.


All our labels use vegan inks and we also use PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) clear backing, so all the backing of our labels can also be recycled.


A great deal of expertise goes into making our herbal supplements. Herbs are grown to specific requirements or collected from wild, sustainable sources – each harvested in exactly the right conditions and at the right time.

Where possible, all ingredients are fully traceable and are pharmaceutical grade, and it’s an absolute no to using GM crops or unethical animal testing. We always strive to use the most sustainable and ethical sources available.


Dorwest operates to the highest standards, from planting right through to production and quality assurance, to ensure the safety, purity and efficacy of all products. That means being responsible for everything from the formulation, manufacture, packing and distribution – with each product undergoing rigorous testing at each stage to guarantee quality.


It is what happens to our products before you buy them that is really important in maintaining the continued quality of the products. Our licensed manufacturing site has trained personnel at all levels and includes on-site laboratory testing facilities. 

We are the only company that has total control on all the processes involved in formulation, manufacturing, testing, packaging, storage and distribution of veterinary herbal products in the UK.

Quality and microbiological checks, using scientific testing methods, are made on all raw materials before they are used to ensure that they meet the requirements of the British Herbal or the European Pharmacopœias, and to confirm that there is no pollution or contamination. Testing is continued throughout manufacture to ensure conformity and purity. To make sure the products maintain their strength and effectiveness throughout their shelf life, we undertake stability testing to ensure that no deterioration takes place and that every tablet retains its effectiveness throughout its shelf life.

Records are kept of any reports of side effects or adverse reactions to our products. These occur extremely rarely but if you have any particular concern about these issues or would like further information we will be pleased to supply it.

We inspect and audit suppliers from label manufacturers to raw material growers, to ensure that they meet our exacting quality standards.  This enables us to assure you, the customer, and ourselves that any product with the Dorwest Herbs name is the quality you expect and so will be effective in use.

No animal testing

Our range of veterinary formulated products has been proven through their traditional use on companion animals for sixty years.

We are pleased to be able to reassure our customers that it is therefore not necessary for the products themselves or any of the traditional ingredients to be subject to any form of unethical animal testing procedures.