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Noise Phobias in Dogs & Cats (Fireworks)

Thunderstorms, fireworks, gun shots or any loud or sudden noises can disturb and frighten dogs and cats. These often occur unexpectedly, making it difficult to help your pet cope with the stress caused, especially if you don’t want to resort to total sedation which is something not now recommended by vets for these type of situations.

It is estimated that around 50% of dogs are afraid of loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms and gun shots, and many cats suffer too. This fear reaction can become extreme and some pets develop firework phobias, showing a level of fear that seems out of proportion with the sound. Many pets suffer during the fireworks season, which can often continue right through until the New Year. There are also other occasions when loud noises can cause stress and anxiety. The fear this causes can result in a noise phobia where the dog or cat will become anxious and distressed upon hearing any loud noise and most pets with noise phobia experience worsening signs each year.

There are various ways to help minimise the trauma and we have a special leaflet with tips on coping strategies that we can send if required. Herbal supplements are ideal for noise phobias and giving Scullcap & Valerian Tablets at the recommended daily administration throughout any period when fireworks, thunderstorms or sudden noises are expected will result in a generally calmer animal. However for those times when noises are particularly bad, or occur unexpectedly at short notice, you can also give Valerian Compound which will quickly calm and relax without sedation. This combination of products is also ideal for training dogs to the gun and for helping those who may be gun shy. This regime is widely used and recommended by behavioural experts to help animals through difficult situations.

“I felt I must write to you and let you know about the most peaceful firework evenings I have experienced with my dog for the past 10 years. I purchased the Scullcap & Valerian Tablets from my local pet shop and enjoyed very calm evenings. Previously, my dog had caused havoc during the firework/thunder periods even going as far as to try and hide behind my gas fire, the television where she got entangled in the wires, scratching my doors and just continuing to be very disturbed and terrified for several hours. My vet had prescribed tranquillisers but apart from having to guess when fireworks/thunder were going to begin, these left my dog like a zombie for many hours, which I did not like. With the Scullcap & Valerian Tablets she ate them immediately I gave them to her and later licked the dropper which contained Valerian Compound. We had three successive evenings of several hours of fireworks and she did not turn a hair. She even went into the garden to spend a penny and although a firework went off whilst she was out there she wasn’t at all concerned. Naturally, I was able to relax as well which was wonderful after having experienced ten years of upheaval and misery with a terrified dog. I have recommended these treatments to other friends with frightened pets and informed our pet shop how good they are. Apparently the pet shop sold out of both items over the firework period. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product and for helping all the pets and their owners to have a calm and peaceful firework period. ” Mrs J Brown, Somerset,

For further information see our leaflet regarding Nervousness and Anxiety

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