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Joints & Mobility

Joint problems are extremely common and cover a range of conditions – from a little age-related stiffness to a minor strain or even a more serious joint problem.

All these conditions can benefit from the addition of high-quality dietary supplements to support the joints and maintain flexibility. Remember all our products can be given alone or may be used in conjunction with conventional treatments from your vet.

Two of our best selling supplements, Garlic & Fenugreek tablets and Green Releaf tablets are ideally suited to provide joint support at all stages of your dog’s development also in later life. Their unique combinations work best together to cover all bases of joint support, especially in later years.

For joints that just need support to maintain flexible function give our high quality JointWell® Tablets to help regeneration of cartilage and enhance the manufacture of collagen to lubricate joints and sustain mobility and flexibility. This can be given with Cod Liver Oil Capsules, a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A & D known to assist bone formation and sustain suppleness in the joints.

Our Turmeric Tablets support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes. This superior supplement contains an incredibly pure and high potency of turmeric, consisting of 95% curcuminoids which are known as the active part of this well documented herb.

Always, consult your vet to identify the actual problem and to ensure on-going monitoring of the condition.

Make sure your pet is not overweight as this puts extra strain on the joints; review the diet, as some foods may aggravate the conditions, and remember that exercise should be gentle and limited to what your pet feels able to do comfortably.

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Joint and mobility leaflet.

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