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Liver Support

The liver is not only the largest internal organ but also one that works very hard throughout an animal’s life in processing toxins and waste in the system. Usually any problem with liver function will have been diagnosed by your vet, as the symptoms are often not visible, and animals with these conditions should always be under the care of a vet for monitoring and treatment.

However there are things that the owner can do to help support liver function and Milk Thistle Tablets, containing the active ingredient Silymarin with its hepatoprotective properties, are well documented to provide support by scavenging free radicals associated with cell damage and supporting liver function. Milk Thistle Tablets has been found to be more beneficial when not directly combined with other herbs, so our tablets contain only the entire Milk Thistle fruit to provide all the benefits of Silymarin as well as the naturally occurring other constituents in this plant.

Milk Thistle Tablets should only be given to animals where the liver is known to be in need of support and not given as a preventative measure to those with good liver function. Further information can be found in our Liver problems leaflet.

“I bought 3 months worth of this product, with my vets agreement, because my golden retriever had impaired liver function from taking phenbarbitone for epilepsy. His test result at the start was 342, normal range being 10-18. The primary ingredient is Silymarin. Within 3 months of starting his tablets his test was right down at 60. Another course should bring it into normal range. I am over the moon about this amazing result and so is my vet, and cannot recommend your product highly enough. Thank you Dorwest.” Angela Porter

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