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Moulting in Dogs & Cats

The main coat moult usually takes place during the springtime, so if there is continual moulting this could be a sign of a problem and an indication that the animal’s overall health may need attention.

However, there are a number of reasons why coat loss can be experienced at other times of the year; for example bitches often suffer from this following a season or a litter due to the hormonal changes. For this, giving Evening Primrose Oil Capsules or Liquid will help to stabilise the hormones and encourage coat growth.

Dogs who live in centrally heated environments can drop their coat unduly at any time of the year too, so moving them to a cooler part of the house will help. Regular grooming should be part of a daily routine and will help to remove excess coat during moulting as well as invigorating the skin and keeping it healthy. For those that lose coat unduly, Evening Primrose Oil is also useful as it appears to reduce shedding as well as improving coat quality.

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