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Pigmentation in Dogs & Cats

A drop in pigmentation may occur on the nose, eyes and mouth during the winter months and also in bitches and queens following a season or pregnancy. This fading is generally considered to be due to a shortage of minerals, particularly iodine and iron.

Our Elderberry & Nettle Extract is specifically formulated to assist with this situation as it has high natural levels of both these minerals. It is added to the feed daily and can be given at any time of year and with any feeding regime without affecting the dietary balance.

Alternatively Kelp Seaweed Tablets, or Powder, may be used as these contain all the minerals and trace elements required by the body, including high iodine and iron content. Many people find it useful to give Kelp from autumn through to spring to help prevent a drop in pigment. It is necessary to give either product for a minimum of one month to enhance pigmentation that has been lost although it may take two or more months for it to be completely restored.

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