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Dental Hygiene for Dogs & Cats

Good oral hygiene is extremely important for the health of your dog or cat. The soft foods that are often fed to animals these days tend not to provide the abrasive action necessary to keep the teeth clean and the gums as healthy as they might be. Giving dogs raw marrowbones to chew intermittently will keep them happy and benefit their teeth too, but remember never to give cooked bones.

Plaque is the substance, mainly consisting of bacteria, that sticks onto the teeth and is the main cause of gum disease. If not removed but allowed to remain on the teeth it can result in the formation of hard tartar deposits often seen as the result of a poor oral hygiene regime. Tartar is unsightly and leads to receded gums and gum infections. It may need to be removed by a veterinary surgeon under anaesthetic but can be prevented by regular, at least weekly, cleaning of the teeth using Roast Dinner Toothpaste. Because animals don’t have their teeth cleaned as frequently as people this paste is slightly more abrasive than ordinary toothpaste but is also low-foaming to cause less stress to the animal. Its meaty flavour is very acceptable and turns the whole dental experience into a pleasure for both animal and owner.

The homoeopathic remedy Fragaria 3C is used to soften existing tartar and aid its removal and so is an important part of a good dental hygiene regime.

Gingivitis is mainly seen in cats and the smaller breeds of dog. It is a minor infection of the gums with chronic inflammation that can result in the removal of teeth in extreme cases. Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets at the “initial adminstration” of 2 tablets per 10kgs bodyweight daily to help maintain a strong immune system. When the condition has improved continue to give this at the “maintenance administration” of 1 tablet per 10kgs bodyweight daily to animals that may be susceptible to gingivitis as it will help to prevent recurrence. Also it is imperative that a good dental cleaning routine is established.

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