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Excitable Dog Behaviour

Over enthusiasm and excitability should not really be considered a problem but this behaviour, often found in young dogs, can sometimes make day to day living difficult for the owners. The situation usually resolves itself with training and maturity but meanwhile Scullcap & Valerian Tablets can help make life easier.

They are used to calm and relax dogs that are excitable, hyperactive or anxious and can be given for short term use, over a longer period or indefinitely as required. The liquid  Valerian Compound will also act quickly to calm excitable animals for short periods and so may be used for visits to the vet, car journeys etc.

It is worth noting also that hyperactivity has been associated with allergic reactions to certain foods or ingredients and so changing to a low protein natural diet may be helpful.

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Nervousness or Anxiety leaflet.

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