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Loss of Appetite in Cats & Dogs

Of course some pets are more enthusiastic about their food than others, and whilst most dogs and cats will eat eagerly, sometimes they may go through a period where their appetite is poor. This may be a sign that they are coming down with an illness, so keep a close watch for symptoms of any developing ailment. If it’s just a spell where the appetite is not what it should be and there is little enthusiasm for food, then the following has proved helpful in many cases.. First look at the diet you are giving as generally dogs and cats are more enthusiastic about eating a more natural meat diet rather than a complete dried food. Before starting to correct the problem and encourage appetite, it helps to give a 24 hour fast if you can so that they will be naturally more hungry than normal. Then start by giving a small meal, of about one quarter of the normal amount but about half an hour beforehand, give the recommended amount of our Malted Kelp Tablets. If food is still refused, remove the bowl and do not offer any more until the next meal time – this alone often works like a charm. It may seem hard, but don’t be tempted to give titbits or attempt hand feeding as this just encourages the problem. When the first meal has been taken, gradually increase the food at each meal, still giving the Malted Kelp Tablets until, after a period of about four weeks, your pet is eating normal sized meals eagerly. These tablets not only improve the appetite but as a result will encourage healthy weight gain and vitality. These tablets can also be easily crushed and sprinkled onto the food if it is impossible to give them prior to feeding.

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