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Anxiety in Dogs & Cats (Nervousness)

We all get anxious at times and for dogs and cats there are lots of things that they find fearful on occasions. Many rescue or re-homed pets are naturally anxious because of their past experiences, and some suffer from separation anxiety as a result, but even simple things like thunderstorms, moving house, fireworks, showing, meeting strangers or just a new experience can cause anxiety too.

Often it’s not really nervousness but just the fear and/or anticipation of exactly what is expected when a new situation or experience arises. This is often noticeable in young dogs and with encouragement and appropriate treatment they will overcome this as they mature. Remember that anxiety can be transmitted from the owner, so behaving in a positive and encouraging manner is essential to instil confidence and security. Scullcap & Valerian Tablets are ideal to give to anxious pets to relax and calm them and so increase confidence, security and concentration. Give these at an administration of either 1 tablet for every 5kgs bodyweight daily depending on the individual need and severity, the administration may be doubled to 2 tablets per 5kg bodyweight if required. The length of time that they should be given will also vary with each animal, but as there are virtually no recorded adverse reactions or long time side effects associated with this herbal supplement, Scullcap & Valerian Tablets can be given for as long as is necessary to overcome the problem and establish calmness and confidence.   For short term or unexpected times of stress or fear use our Valerian Compound as it calms and relaxes in super quick time for those sudden difficult situations, and it doesn’t sedate either. Severe anxiety problems will also benefit from the help of a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist who specialises in these problems and are experts in this field.

“We took on a rescue dog from Ireland, now called Bud. He was so underweight you could see his all his ribs and back bone and his fur stood up along his back due to stress. He was an absolute nightmare, biting our hands, ripping our clothes and leaping all over the furniture while barking at us. After not much success from other treatments we were thinking of re-homing Bud, but the vet then suggested Dorwest. We started giving him Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and after about 3 months we suddenly realised he had stopped most of his bad behaviour and had started to improve. We also use the Valerian Compound which we drop onto his tongue when he’s particularly stressed. Now he is calmer we’ve noticed when meeting other dogs, he doesn’t cartwheel on his lead as before, he’s all round noticeably calmer and we’ve started taking him into shops, which before just wasn’t possible. Even our vet has noticed a marked improvement. He now has his chill-out moments when he lays on his back, fully stretched out, legs in the air, tongue hanging out and fast asleep.  Bud and his family would like to say thank you for making him calmer because he loves where he lives and did not want to go to another home. Over the last 6 weeks he has improved even more and loves going out in the car and meeting people. We will continue to recommend and use your products for ever more.”

Mr & Mrs Nicoll and Bud, Evesham

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Nervousness & Anxiety leaflet.

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