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Dog Coat Condition

Coat condition reflects the general health of the animal and a dull, thin, dry or scurfy coat may be the first outward sign of poor health, in which case overall general condition should be looked at. There are a number of products to improve coat condition, depending on what is required and the type of coat.

Keeper’s Mix® is a high quality all round supplement that given daily maintains a strong healthy thick coat and is particularly popular for gundogs and rough coated terriers; Kelp Seaweed Tablets or Powder encourages coat growth and is best given from autumn onwards and throughout the winter; Evening Primrose Oil Capsules or Liquid promotes a long silky coat, improves a scurfy coat and reduces shedding. Adding appropriate oils to the daily feed will prevent dryness and maintain a healthy sheen and for this Wheatgerm Oil Capsules or Liquid is particularly recommended. Coat health also depends on a regular grooming regime to remove dead coat and tone the skin, particularly during the moulting period.

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