Topical Products

Our range of topical products are perfect to keep your pet’s coat, skin and teeth in tip-top condition.

Our recently re-formulated shampoos are all free from artificial nasties, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients to ensure the perfect balance to enhance your dog`s coat condition and shine. Our nourishing balms have become a staple for many pet owners since their launch, especially formulated to naturally soothe dry skin, and cracked noses or paws. And our Roast Dinner Toothpaste helps keep teeth and gums healthy, with its gentle formulation developed specifically for pets.

We are proud that Dorwest products have been trusted by pet owners and veterinary professionals worldwide for over 50 years, keeping pets at their best from the end of their nose to the tip of their tail. Take a look and see!

Soothe & Calm Shampoo Soothe & Calm Shampoo
A naturally soothing shampoo for sensitive skins containing oatmeal and lavender

FROM: £8.90

Clean & Fresh Shampoo Clean & Fresh Shampoo
Keep your pet fresh and clean with black peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils

FROM: £8.90

Scent & Shine Shampoo Scent & Shine Shampoo
For unbeatable shine with rose geranium, blood orange and jasmine essential oils, ideal for all skin types

FROM: £8.90

Skin Balm - 50ml Skin Balm - 50ml
Soothes irritated skin with calendula, comfrey and chamomile. Handcrafted with UK grown herbs and is lick-safe!


Paw & Nose Balm - 50ml Paw & Nose Balm - 50ml
Moisturises and nourishes crusty noses and cracked pads. Handcrafted with UK grown herbs and is lick-safe!


Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g Roast Dinner Toothpaste - 200g
Roast Dinner Toothpaste is a professionally formulated veterinary toothpaste for dogs and cats.


Pill Crusher Pill Crusher
Our pill crusher enabes you to grind pills into powder which is more easily digestible for dogs and cats. Also features tablet holder - ideal for putting tablets in when you travel with your pet.