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Skin Conditions in Dogs & Cats

There are so many types of skin complaints that it is sometimes difficult even for professionals to identify the cause, even with the benefit of a skin scrape or biopsy undertaken by the vet. Many of these non-specific skin conditions are attributed to an allergic reaction and these are particularly difficult to control unless the actual cause of the allergy can be identified.

Obviously, the first check to be made is to ensure that there are no parasites on the skin. However, having eliminated this as a cause, the other most common forms of skin problems are dermatitis, eczema and pyoderma, or those known simply as non-specific skin allergies, or overheating, which is common in some breeds. The symptoms are typified by inflamed hot skin, itchiness and redness that can be seen under the armpits and on the belly where the coat is thinner. Hair loss can result from the continual scratching carried out by the dog or cat to relieve the intense irritation.

Herbalsupplements have proved to be particularly effective in controlling these conditions by dealing holistically with the problem. To support the situation give the initial administration of Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets to help maintain a strong immune system and also give the initial administration of Green Releaf Tablets to relieve the irritation and cool the skin. This should be continued for at least one month, reducing to the lower maintenance administration as the condition improves.

Easy-Green® is beneficial for cooling the skin and so should also be added to the daily diet of animals suffering from skin problems.

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Skin Problems leaflet.

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