Natural milk thistle suppport to maintain & help protect the liver

The liver is a real powerhouse within the body – responsible for breaking down and detoxifying harmful agents and activating other substances essential for metabolism. It also stores nutrients and is important in immunity. The liver`s work can unfortunately be impaired as a result of inflammation, long-term drug administration such as phenobarbitone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), toxins from fungi or contaminated food as well as from immune system injury. Our natural liver supplement for dogs (Milk Thistle) is for use at times when the liver needs extra support or is under stress. Our herbal tablets support the liver and can be used alongside conventional medication prescribed by your vet.

Further reading about liver conditions can be found in our A-Z of Common Problems, our Milk Thistle product page and Liver Conditions leaflet, or speak to one of our expert team today on 01308 897272.

Milk Thistle Tablets For Dogs And Cats Milk Thistle Tablets For Dogs And Cats
Milk Thistle for dogs and cats maintains and protects the liver in several important ways.

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Liver Support Leaflet Liver Support Leaflet
Condition information leaflet to accompany our products that can help with liver support. Available free of charge with any order.


Pill Crusher Pill Crusher
Our pill crusher enabes you to grind pills into powder which is more easily digestible for dogs and cats. Also features tablet holder - ideal for putting tablets in when you travel with your pet.