I’m sure every owner has a vivid memory spring to mind of their dog doing an excellent impression of grazing cows at the hedge. It’s amazing how much enthusiasm and determination they have to eat as much of the herb as possible! But not to worry, dogs eating sticky weed is actually far more common than you’d think. Although they aren’t genetically made to be herbivores, eating this type of grass can bring them a whole load of benefits. Whilst sticky weed is good for dogs to eat and perfectly common, it can also present a health warning sign. If your dog is eating sticky weed a lot, it can indicate that their body is not getting enough vitamins. Read on to find out more and learn the benefits of clivers for dogs.

What is stickyweed?

three whippets on a dog walk eating clivers, also known as 'sticky weed'

Sticky weed is a common herb that our dogs love to munch on. The proper name is Galium aparine, but I am sure most dog owners will know this by the term ‘Sticky weed’. It also goes by the names cleavers, clivers, goosegrass, or even, (as described in Culpeper’s Complete Herbal book), ‘bed straw’! Sticky weed tends to flower in the months of June to August and grows in both dry and waterlogged soil.

Why do dogs eat stickyweed?

Noticed your dog is eating sticky weed and not sure why? When all the new shoots are fresh and at their most nutritious, dogs seem so transfixed on this herb. It is possible that when your dogs are eating clivers they are giving themselves a bit of a spring clean. But what’s more impressive is that naturally, they know this herb is beneficial for them at that time of the year.

The downside of clivers for dogs is that to benefit from the nutrients, it needs to be well broken down or pulped. This means they need to chew it very thoroughly, which dogs don’t tend to do! With advancements in modern-day herbal remedies for dogs, you can now buy dog supplements that are made with sticky weed. These are the most effective way for them to ingest and receive all the nutrients.

At Dorwest Herbs, we’ve formulated the perfect dog supplements that offer the essential benefits of sticky weed. Clivers is one of the ingredients in our Dorwest Keeper’s Mix and Keeper’s Mix Sensitive products. These both come in powder form so that they can get absorbed into the body easily. As well as this, these herbal remedies for dogs include 7 other fantastic herbs. You can also use these as dietary supplements for dogs to add to their food.

What are the benefits of dogs eating stickyweed?

According to Culpeper, it is thought to be excellent for:

clivers whips2
  • Cleansing the blood
  • Strengthening the liver
  • Getting the body in good health ready for the change in season.

In more scientific publications, clivers for dogs is stated to possess mild astringent properties. It contains anti-inflammatory iridoid glycosides and anthraquinones, which are diuretic. Its uses include:

  • Ointments for burns and ulcers
  • (In France) As a poultice for sores and blisters
  • Maintain and mildly increase the flow of urine
  • Keeps the kidneys and bladder functioning well
  • Helps to flush toxins from the system

In other words, clivers alone are like a dog supplement! And who wouldn’t want all that goodness for their dog?

So next time you see your dog eating sticky weed, why not boost their immune system with a natural dog supplement? If it’s either of our Dorwest Keepers Mix products, your dog will receive far more nutrition for their body! As Herbal experts, we offer a selection of veterinary approved dietary supplements for dogs and cats. These are all made with natural herbs and ingredients to help support their every health need.

From clivers for dogs to shampoos, anxiety relief and more, discover how our range of herbal remedies for dogs can aid their immune systems. To find out more about our herbal dog supplements, get in touch with our friendly team and call 01308 897272. You can also use our contact form or email info@dorwestherbs.com for further expert advice. Don’t forget you can get free UK delivery on all orders over £50!

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