Keepers Mix is a unique blend of 8 herbs, originally formulated by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel man, but brought up to date by Dorwest Herbs using the benefit of modern herbal knowledge and utilising scientific methods to guarantee the purity and quality of the ingredients so as to ensure maximum overall health benefits.  It is an absolute essential for dogs that are being fed naturally, but is also ideal for all feeding regimes without risk of overheating the system.   This wonderful formulation keeps dogs in top condition by giving their diet a super boost. Balance is the key to this potent herbal blend which contains natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds.

Each herb in the mix contains ingredients that benefit a different major organ in the body and this is reflected in improved general vitality and a healthy, thick coat.   Here is the benefit of each ingredient:

Kelp Seaweed for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation

Celery Seeds for suppleness and free movement

Lucerne, also know as alfalfa, a nutritious plant that is a source of Vitamins A C & K

Nettles which are rich in chlorophyll, iron and Vitamin C

Rosemary is good for the digestion and flatulence and helps maintain a healthy heart

Psyllium for a healthy bowel and digestion

Clivers helps to maintain good kidney and bladder function and a clear skin

Wild Yam is useful to sustain a healthy intestine


No artificial vitamins or minerals are added to the 100% herbal ingredients in Keepers Mix, this provides a safe natural form of supplementation.  Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are more readily absorbed by the body and therefore have more benefit.  For that reason supplements given in this natural form will not overheat or overload the system, but the visible benefits are clear to see with a wonderfully thick and healthy coat, good pigmentation and improved overall health.

KM“We feed Keepers Mix to maintain general health and well-being.  We personally find it excellent for both our wire-haired and smooth-haired Dachsunds of all ages.

When I sit back and look at the condition of our dogs, or when people ask how we get them looking so good the reply is simple…what you put into them is what you get out of them, along with good exercise.  Therefore, why change what we have been doing for over two decades when the dogs look so good. Many people take a variety of vitamins and minerals, so why shouldn’t our dogs. The levels of each herb in Keepers Mix ensures all our dogs get those essential vitamins and minerals to cover everything from coat and pigmentation to digestion and joints.

I personally recommend Keepers Mix to people who feed all different types of food. It boosts the dogs immune system, condition and digestive system. It is easy and simple to feed and the result speak for themselves.

So why would you not give your dogs the best? Keepers Mix is a mixture of high quality essential herbs and coming from Dorwest, you know you’re getting the best! I would say to anyone, give it a try and see the difference in your dog’s health.” Brian & Peter Paterson & Stewart McPherson, Ambiesque and Brumberhill Dachshunds and Border Terriers

© Dorwest Herbs Ltd 2018

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