New year, New Me, New Dog! How to start running with your dog

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It’s true what they say, dogs love to run! However, as us dog owners know, it’s not always easy to give our dogs the opportunity. Perhaps you can’t let your dog off the lead, your garden is too small, or you aren’t a runner yourself, so can’t let them run for fear of losing your

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The benefits of Glucosamine & Chondroitin for your dog’s joints

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A good quality Glucosamine joint supplement for dogs and cats can be especially required when movement and suppleness of the connective tissues and cartilage may be compromised, due to normal wear and tear that happens with age or through injury. Glucosamine: What is it and why is it used? Glucosamine is an amino sugar that naturally

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5 things you should know before buying Turmeric for dogs

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Turmeric is a bit of wonder herb from Southern India, but a huge rise in popularity also comes with conflicting information. Before you buy Turmeric Tablets for dogs, here is the low-down on this golden spice from the experts at Dorwest Herbs. 1.What should you look for when choosing your Turmeric for dogs? Due to

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How to care for the older dog

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We love our oldies; old dogs have a special charm and we share with them a unique bond as family members over many years. Naturally, we want to do our best for dogs in their old age – it’s a time in their life when they need us the most, which is why caring for an

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How to improve joint care for dogs

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We all take our joints and what they do for us for granted and it’s only when they cause problems that we think about them and take action to keep them healthy. It’s the same with joint care for dogs. With our pets this is even more of the case as we only become aware of

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The benefits of Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets for your dog

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Our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets are the fundamental Dorwest Herbs ‘staple’; famous kennel owners swear by giving this herbal medicine on a daily basis! The ingredients in this natural supplement include garlic and fenugreek for dogs; both are natural anti-inflammatories. By giving your dog Dorwest Garlic &  Fenugreek Tablets, you can help to increase their

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Is my dog getting enough vitamins and minerals?

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In recent years we have seen a growth in the availability of quality unprocessed raw foods being sold for dogs, and plant-based supplements are an important part of these regimes as dogs’ benefit from the essential nutrients they contain.  One of the most common questions we are asked at Dorwest is ‘What herbal supplement can

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