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Amelia’s top tips for puppy biting

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Amelia the dog trainer has been working with us since 2023 and gives us her top tips for managing puppy biting with your little one! “Puppy biting is totally normal behaviour that every puppy will exhibit to some extent. In some cases it can go away in a few weeks and with others, it can

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Dog trainer Amelia’s top Dorwest products

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Amelia the dog trainer has been working with us since 2023 and highlights her top herbal product recommendations for her clients below, as well as why she loves Dorwest. Our partners and ambassadors are so important to us as they authentically use, trust and recommend our products. VSA Certified Professional Dog Trainer Amelia Steele has

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How to improve your dog’s coat and pigmentation

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Winter is often the time that a dog’s coat condition suffers due to the colder weather and the harsher conditions, along with a potential drop in pigmentation due to the lack of sunlight.  Our expert advisors receive a lot of calls around this time of year asking, “how can I improve my dog’s coat and

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90% of BrainCopa® trial participants saw overall improvements

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Earlier this year, we asked 21 Dorwest customers to take part in a trial for our new cognitive supplement, BrainCopa®, all with dogs needing different levels of cognitive support. The trial included a variety of breeds with ages from 7 to 15 years. At the 28 day trial period, we asked the participants to complete

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Introducing BrainCopa®

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Keep brain health and cognitive function at its best, with new BrainCopa® Tablets! As your pet ages, changes occur across their body. Their coat may start to grey, their joints may become stiff, their hearing and sight may worsen, and their cognitive function may decline. It’s often the last which can be one of the

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Dorwest is going greener!

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Here at Dorwest, we are committed to being one of the ethical leaders in the pet world, leading by example. Which is why we’re as passionate about keeping our planet healthy as we are about keeping pets healthy.As part of our steps to ‘Going Greener’ we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible in

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10 benefits of shampoo bars

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Our range of pet shampoo bars use 100% natural ingredients, making them the perfect partners for bath time. The nourishing shampoo bar range supports optimal skin and coat health, with a base blend of coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil. The formula is easy rinse with no residue left

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MoveWellia® FAQs

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We recently launched MoveWellia® Tablets in November, specifically developed for advanced joint care to support dogs experiencing joint health challenges, including stiffness and ‘slowing-up’.   We’ve already had some amazing feedback, including lots of questions from our wonderful customers. Here are our top questions received so far!  Q. What does MoveWellia® help with?  A. MoveWellia® has

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New and Improved Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets

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We know our Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets for dogs are a firm favourite, having been one of our best sellers for 60 years! However, we are always looking for opportunities to improve and develop our products further – and we thought it was time for them to have a makeover. The reformulation includes a change

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How To Give Supplements To Pets

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From strong smelling tablets to fussy eaters, it’s not always easy to give pets anything extra in their diet. Our resident product expert, Hannah Roy, takes us through how to administer supplements, introducing them into your pet’s diet slowly and effortlessly.  Whether it’s our powders, tablets or capsules, here are our top tips on how

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