After a 12 month rebrand project, we have finally launched our new look packaging of our supplements, topicals and homoeopathics ranges.

The rebrand project started in 2023 with a survey for existing customers to gain valuable insight into their lives, the challenges that they face and what matters most to them in the world of supplements.

We received nearly 1000 responses from Retail and Trade customers, partners and ambassadors, so a huge thank you if you participated! This information, combined with insight from the Dorwest team, revealed a common theme… Things are better together.

And this is something that is evident throughout Dorwest:

  • The coming together of two families at the very start – one with a long line of vets, dog lovers and show dogs, the other well-respected herbologists.
  • The combination of our herbal ingredients chosen carefully to meet specific needs, alongside rigorous testing to the highest pharmaceutical standard.
  • The unity of an unwavering focus on quality, alongside a dedication to increasing our positive impact on pets and lessening our negative impact on the planet.
  • The wonderful relationship between a dog and its owner, working alongside experts at Dorwest to specifically support dog’s natural defences.

All of this feedback was used to update the brand proposition, the Dorwest customer profile and helped to evolve our new look packaging – with the exact same products and herbal expertise.

Changes include:

  • Stronger navigation through category icons to easily shop by condition.
  • Bio-plastic tablet pots made from renewable plant-based resources.
  • Clearer naming & new herbal illustration.
  • Tweaked colour palette to signify product categories.
  • Silver band for Expert Collection to signify flagship products.

Survey findings showed that sustainability is extremely important to customers and we are delighted to reveal the switch to bio-plastic tablet pots made from renewable plant-based resources, ensuring the same shelf life and quality of products.

And did you know…? Bio-plastic tablet pots are easily collected in domestic recycling and can be recycled several times with stable quality.

This is the next step in our ongoing journey to keep delivering natural health support for pets, via quality herbal products and commitment to excellent customer service.

As, always, we can’t wait to hear what you think! Call one of our product experts today on 01308 897272 or email [email protected].