Amelia the dog trainer has been working with us since 2023 and highlights her top herbal product recommendations for her clients below, as well as why she loves Dorwest.

Our partners and ambassadors are so important to us as they authentically use, trust and recommend our products. VSA Certified Professional Dog Trainer Amelia Steele has over 250k followers on social channels and specialises in addressing behavioural issues in dogs.

Amelia’s training is down to earth and practical, complemented with our natural support. Herbal supplements can be a great choice for training to help prevent dogs from being overstimulated or distracted.

Amelia’s top Dorwest product recommendations for her clients are:

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets – to help naturally reduce pet’s stress or anxiety, without drowsiness, especially popular for trainers (and show dogs!) to keep focus during training.

Valerian Compound – quick acting solution to calm and control anxiety and hyperactivity, especially useful in moments where you are caught out, for e.g. fireworks or a thunder storm!

Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive – all-round health support & perfect for puppies! With a blend of seven herbs perfectly balanced to provide natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds, especially popular with those with sensitives.

Tree Barks Powder – ideal for soothing & supporting digestion with ingredients all renowned for their digestive health properties including: Slippery elm bark, Marshmallow root and White poplar bark.

Amelia has been working with Dorwest for nearly a year and says:

“Dorwest is a brand I trust for my clients. As someone who works primarily with behavioural cases, it’s important to consider the whole dog including lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Dorwest products are simple to use and I have every confidence when referring clients or recommending Dorwest.”

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