We’ve had some new starters in the Dorwest team over the years so here is a chance to introduce ourselves before we meet you all at Crufts! Whether you’ve spoken to one of our Customer Advisers on the phones or are in contact with someone in the team via email, you can now put a name to the face. 

Name: Jo Boughton-White

Job role: Managing director

Expertise: I am heavily involved in the product development, marketing and business oversight. Also pretty good at drinking coffee

Favourite product to recommend: Tree barks powder as it can make such a major difference in a short time. Also Omega Star, the outstanding results we see from this product never ceases to amaze me!

Pets: I have 4 naughty whippets, Peggy Sue who is 11, Elsie who is 8, Hilda aged 6, and Katnis aged 2

Favourite thing about Crufts: The buzz, without a doubt there is no show like Crufts, the atmosphere is electric whether you are around the breed rings, discover dogs or in the arena. I love it in the afternoon when you start hearing all the cheering around the rings as best of breeds are declared and when customers run back over to the stand to tell us all about it- magical!


Name: Ben Boughton-White

Job role: My role is Operations Director

Expertise: My role can vary from ensuring processes run smoothly and efficiently, to being responsible for HR and Health & Safety.  My background is very much IT-based having worked for both the UK Government and a multi-national Defence company.

Favourite product to recommend: Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets and Scullcap & Valerian – both products are great in their own way. Garlic & Fenugreek is versatile which means it has a broad appeal and Scullcap & Valerian can literally change a dogs life.

Pets: I’m lucky enough to have four whippets! Each with their own unique personality.

Favourite thing about Crufts: For me Crufts is all about our Customers and the team work. Also getting to see the show dogs, assistance dogs, PAT dogs, and working dogs too. It’s also the time when we hear the biggest amount of feedback, about how we helped someone’s dog or changed their life.It’s something everyone looks forward to and gets a lot out of – it inspires us all for the rest of the year.


Name: Becky England

Job role: Customer service manager

Expertise: Attention to detail and multi-tasking

Favourite product to recommend is: Tree Barks Power and Valerian Compound as they both work brilliantly with Cats

Pets: I have one cat called Maisey

Favourite thing about Crufts: My Favourite thing about Crufts is all the shopping and seeing all the hounds (by that I mean dachshunds)


Name: Gemma Hennessy

Job role: I am the Product Adviser so I will answer any queries about which products to use over the phone, email and answer questions on social media. 

Favourite product to recommend:  I love recommending Tree Barks Powder and Neutradog.

Pets: I have got two pets, Rockie the Ridgeback who comes into work with me and Gimli the Burmese cross Pusscat!!

Favourite thing about Crufts: Meeting our customers face to face is always a highlight of mine as I speak to so many of them over the phones and advise them on our products. And of course playing the dog breed game

Name: Mary Boughton

Job role: Quality control Director

Expertise: Ingredients specifications and regulatory affairs

Favourite Product to recommend: Garlic & Fenugreek, because they are useful to treat so many different things

Pets: none at the moment, but hope to get another Border Terrier this year, meanwhile I enjoy living with Smithy and Rico, my husband’s two whippets.

Favourite thing about Crufts: The number of different breeds you can see there and the overseas customers who come to see us every year


Name: Laura Motteram

Job role: Customer Service Administrator

Expertise: Dealing with requests from customers and sponsorship

Favourite product to recommend: That has to be Tree Barks Powder, love the stuff

Pets: I have a cat called Rufus

Favourite thing about Crufts: I just love seeing/meeting all the different breed of dogs. I also love watching the Afghan hounds (amazing hair/coats) if I can.


Name: Emily Lewis

Job role: Customer service administrator

Favourite product to recommend: My favourite product to recommend is Omega Star because it moisturises and improves coat condition, helping dogs look beautiful!

Pets: I have one dog, Barney the French bulldog

Favourite thing about Crufts: This is my first time at Crufts but I am excited to meet everyone and their dogs!


Name: Emma Trevett

Job role: Business Development manager

Expertise: Number crunching and statistics

Favourite product to recommend: Scullcap and Valerian Tablets. I find it comforting to know that we are helping to keep pets calm and less stressed

Pets: Used to have a beautiful Weimaraner called Hollie but now enjoying traveling to my summer home in turkey

Favourite thing about Crufts: seeing all the dog breeds at discover dogs


Name: Claire Negri

Job role: Marketing Assistant

Expertise: All things social!

Favourite product to recommend: I like Raspberry Leaf Tablets because they are essential for smooth pregnancies and helps to prevent phantoms which can be heartbreaking to see your dog go through.

Pets: I live with a 14yr old Lab called Mia but hope to get my own dog in the future- undecided about which breed so maybe Discover Dogs at Crufts will help me decide.

Favourite thing about Crufts: I am excited to go to Crufts for the first time this year, working on the stand and attending at the weekend

Name: Kyle Cadmore

Job role: Show manager

Expertise: I manage all of the events that Dorwest attend over the year which means I get to meet dogs all year round

Favourite product to recommend: Tree barks power, I enjoy seeing people succeed in coping with the unsightly issues this product covers from weaning puppies right through to the golden oldies.

Pets: I have a Miniature wirehaired Dachshund and West Highland white Terrier

Favourite thing about Crufts: This will be my 12th year going to Crufts and no matter if your there to work, exhibit, judge or anything else, Crufts always has that infectious aura that you can’t not appreciate how amazing it is


Name: Hannah Garry

Job role: Customer service & dispatch/production operative

Expertise: a little of everything, 

Favourite product to recommend: Scullcap & Valerian tablets because they do make such a difference to pets lives and their owners

Pets: I have a lovely little staffy-collie called Florence as well as 2 cats and 2 rabbits

Favourite thing about Crufts: My favourite thing about Crufts is being able to meet and speak with customers face to face, dogs and humans alike!


Name: Katy Laver

Job role: Customer service and Show booking administrator

Expertise: Customer interaction and paperwork organisation

Favourite product to recommend: My favourite product is the Glucosamine and Chondroitin. It is great for maintaining mobility in older dogs

Pets: I have two pets, Millie the Labrador and Bobby the Bunny

Favourite thing about Crufts: This is my first year so I am looking forward to finding out!


We can’t wait to see you all at the world’s largest dog show. Don’t forget to pop by and say hi!