Although the weather is taking it’s time to warm up this year, we are already getting an increase in Customers who contact us about their dogs having seasonal, non-specific skin disorders. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be sharing a series of blog articles that are designed to give you all the information you need to understand about skin disorders, what can cause them and most importantly how to help your dog deal with them.


We’re kicking off the series with the perfect introduction – So what actually is a ‘Skin Disorder’? – written by our guest VET blogger from Nature’s Menu, Dr Claire Miller. This gives you an overview of how the skin is constructed, the common symptoms of a skin disorder and also how to combat them.

Our four step plan for managing a skin disorder

Blog 2 - Whos been sleeping in my bed
Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Step 1 – Who’s been sleeping in my bed? – looks at the role your dog’s bedding and environment plays in their overall skin health.  After all, a dog spends in excess of 10 hours per day sleeping so it’s understandable that where they sleep plays a large role in their skin health.

Blog 3 - Groomer
Itchy skin, grooming for relief

Step 2 – Itchy skin, grooming for relief – explores how a consistent and effective grooming regime for your dog can help reduce skin disorder symptoms and maintain a healthy skin and coat. This blog comes from Sally Hart professional dog groomer, she opened her first grooming salon in 1995 and opened Tail Waggers Dog Grooming in 2006

Nutrition’s role in skin health

Step 3 – Nutrition’s role in skin health – our second blog from Vet Dr Claire Millar explores how diet can impact on the over health of your dog’s skin. It’s often said “you are what you eat” and this applies just as much to your dog as it does to your own diet. Raw diets are one of the best choices when it comes to easing skin disorders, the flexibility they provide to tailor dietary needs to individual needs can be key to managing a skin disorder.

Herbal supplements for treating skin disorders Step 4 – Herbal supplements for treating skin disorders – carefully formulated and properly regulated herbal supplements have proved over many years to be a more permanent answer to many of the non-specific skin disorders that dogs suffer from. What are the benefits of using herbal medicines instead of a synthetic one? This blog provides you with all the facts you need to understand more about our herbal supplements for the treatment of skin disorders.

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