Protect your dog’s skin, paws & nose naturally with dog balm

For cuts, grazes, skin irritations or sore paws, dog friendly skin and paw balms are a great addition to your doggy first aid kit and something to always have on hand.

Seasons, allergies, and breed types can all affect how a dog’s skin reacts and behaves and to help, dog balm can soothe, repair and protect your pet’s skin, paws and nose.

Discover the different ways in which natural skin balm for dogs can help keep your dog in top condition, all year-round!

Protect your dog’s paws

At 25 degrees Celsius the pavement can reach up to 50 degrees, hot enough to burn and blister your dog’s pads. The back of the hand trick is always the best way to evaluate whether it’s too hot for your dog to go out, and it’s always best to walk either early in the morning or later in the evening, out of the day’s summer heat.

If your dog’s paws have become too hot, allow to cool and then soothe and moisturise the area with a paw balm to calm irritation. It may be worth moisturising the paws daily during the height of summer to help prevent cracked dog paws, rough paw pads or injuries such as cuts.

Your dog’s pads are their only defence against terrain and can never be replaced. That’s why it is so important to care for their pads and prevent irritated dog paws to keep them happy on your favourite walks together!

Spring and summer allergies

As seasons change, so does your dog’s skin. Topical dog balm products can help repair and calm irritated areas on the skin and paws and relieve other dog skin conditions.

Skin allergies which come out in spring and summer can affect dogs in different ways but if your dog has itchy skin, it may become sore, broken and irritated. When your dog has itchy paws they will typically lick them, so this is a good indicator to look out for.

Alongside herbal supplements to help soothe the skin condition, apply the balm to the problem area to help relieve irritated dog paws and skin. This can reduce any itching or scratching which will aggravate the affected area.

It is always important to speak to your vet if you believe your pet is affect by allergies or has a skin condition. Licensed herbal medicines and herbal skin balm for dogs will help for non-specific skin conditions and seasonal allergies.

Skin folds

Breeds like French or English bulldogs, Pugs and Shar Pei’s have skin folds which can become irritated and painful if cracked or too humid. Skin fold dermatitis is also very common in these wrinkly breeds and symptoms may include loss of hair, redness and inflammation.

Using a natural skin balm for dogs will help to calm any irritation and aid skin repair. Brachycephalic breeds are also prone to dry noses which will benefit from a paw and nose balm.

Dry noses

A dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is unwell, but it could indicate an allergy or irritant. The main reasons why your dog’s nose is dry could be due to environmental factors such as allergies or sunburn, from excessive licking, dehydration or even age.

Dry noses can be uncomfortable for your dog so a nourishing and hydrating nose balm can help relieve soreness. Using a natural dog balm can help keep the nose moist, prevent it from cracking and help calm any irritation. As the balm is going on their nose, it is best to use a balm which has minimal fragrance and taste, as well as being dog-friendly in case it is licked off. This is where our Paw & Nose Balm can help! However, do be sure to visit your vet if you have any concerns.

Everyday wear & tear

Dogs love to play, explore, run and mind their own business which can lead to general wear and tear mishaps that need seeing to. Whether they’ve stepped on something, been stung or grazed their skin, natural skin, paw and nose dog balms will help with skin renewal and soothe irritated areas.

New & Natural Beautiful Dog Balms

Skin Balm

Our newly formulated, hand-crafted Skin Balm for dogs is incredibly versatile and is ideal for problem areas and to calm and restore healthy skin.

Comfrey is known for its moisturising properties, which helps to stimulate cell growth and maintain skin elasticity. It is the perfect herb for bruises and small scrapes.

The second herb in our Skin Balm is Calendula, and due to its natural properties, it softens the skin and aids skin repair. Perfect if your dog has dry skin concerns.

Keeping the original ingredients of our Comfrey & Calendula Balm, Chamomile is a welcomed addition to the balm to make it ideal for sensitive skin as this herb helps to calm tender areas.

These three herbs are combined with natural beeswax and nourishing shea butter and oils of lavender, rose, geranium and mandarin which make it a real treat to use for both owner and pet!

Paw & Nose Balm

The other new addition to our range is an ultra-nourishing paw and nose balm to soften and soothe crusty noses and sore cracked dog paws. It has no added fragrance from essentials oils, so is perfect to use on dogs with highly sensitive noses.

Included in both the Skin Balm and Paw & Nose Balm is Calendula which helps to soften the skin and is renowned for its ability to support skin repair. Marshmallow is nurturing and protecting whilst soothing and moisturising the skin.

And finally, Chickweed is included to help if your dog has itchy skin, having softening and soothing qualities.

Again, these herbs are all combined with natural beeswax and rich pure shea butter, and all herbs in both dog balms are gently steeped in sunflower and jojoba oils to gain the maximum benefits from the plants.

These two balms really are essentials to have on hand, with so many uses it will be hard to remember what you did before you had them!

” Stark suffers regularly with cracked & dry paws. We applied the paw balm regularly over a couple of weeks and used the Skin Balm on a small inflamed area of her skin. She really enjoyed the Paw & Nose Balm as I think it really helped to soothe her tired paws, especially after the warm weather we’ve been having.

It has completely cleared up her dry paws but also the large cracks on her pads. The same happened with the Skin Balm, it only took a few days for her skin to completely heal!

What we love about Dorwest is they use all natural herbs and ingredients in all of their products, making it lick safe and not harmful for the environment or the pups”Annie & Stark

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Please remember, you should always consult a vet if you are concerned about your pet’s health.