Let’s face it, our pets are part of the family and should not be left off the Christmas list. After all they’ve been good all year too!

When it comes to deciding what to give your dog for Christmas, you’ll want to keep their favourite things in mind. Are they more outdoorsy or prefer to snuggle up by the fire? We’ve put together our top 7 gift ideas for all dogs across all budgets!

And if they’ve earned themselves a spot on the naughty list, our pets are still the best, so swap the lump of coal in their stocking for one of these…

1.How many toys can one dog have?!

They may already have their favourites, but a brand-new toy will definitely get their tails wagging. But what type should you go for? You know by now what your dog likes and dislikes but here are a few fun options that they might love!

One for the outdoors. The dark mornings and nights might make walkies a bit dull and unexciting. Why not bring a light up ball with you so that your pet doesn’t have to miss out of a game of fetch in the Winter months!

Remember that dogs love the play with different textures, colours and noises, as they’re very stimulating. Another option is a game to entertain on Christmas day. There are plenty of dog games to keep them entertained for a few hours like snuffle mats and treat puzzles.

2.A new coat or jacket for Christmas?

Depending on how cold your dog gets at this time of year, there are plenty of options for all different sizes from a waterproof Equafleece to warm quilted jackets.

A knitted jumper or snood might do the trick if your dog doesn’t feel the cold as much.

3.Pamper time

One thing we all seem to receive around Christmas is ‘Smellys’. Bubble bath, body lotions, shower gels the list is endless, and we have all had some at one time or another. If your dog likes to be pampered our Scent & Shine Shampoo enhances shine while leaving behind a beautiful, uplifting scent which we know you and your dog will love. The all-natural formulation combines the hydrating and soothing properties of chamomile extract and aloe vera with a range of powerful essential oils. Rose geranium soothes and balances the skin, blood orange enhances coat shine and helps to reduce redness while jasmine heals and moisturises. This shampoo is the perfect treat for you and your dog!

Pair the cleansing bath with a relaxing paw massage using our Paw & Nose Balm to heal any cracked or sore paws whilst leaving them nourished and protected for the great, cold, outdoors.

4.Cookies, brownies, cakes and more.

Baking is a popular all year-round activity and many of our dogs enjoy the smell of freshly baked goods but often miss out on the tasting! There are plenty of recipe books especially for dogs that include homemade dog dinners, natural baked treats other dishes to make their mouths water.

Why not attempt to make their own version of Christmas dinner so they’re not too tempted by scraps off the dinner table and the irresistible smell of Turkey.

5.One for walkies

Whilst spending time outdoors a ‘Light up’ or ‘High Vis’ Collar will look dashing on your dog as well as keeping them safe in the dark! These are a good idea if you close to busy roads or when they’re off the lead. They come in a range of colours and sizes to suit every breed and even look quite festive too!

6.Make their Christmas with a new chew!

Did you know, chewing releases ‘happy hormones’ in dogs and helps to relieve stress. Natural chews are great and long lasting so an Antler or Pizzle are great chew options. Alternatively, the trusty, durable Kong is popular and can be filled with their favourite treats.

7.A present more for the owner

Some dog’s coats shed all year round, others shed seasonally in the summer, and some don’t shed much at all so knowing when your dog sheds the most will help you prepare for the hairy event!

As well as lint rollers and powerful vacuum cleaners, frequently brushing your dog will help keep the hair from spreading too much. Christmas might be a good time to invest in or replace your dog brush.

Whatever you get your dog this Christmas, we hope you & your pet enjoy all the festivities and have a very Merry Christmas.