Limited Edition 70th Birthday Dog Biscuit Tin Including Keepers Bix

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To celebrate our 70th birthday, a very special limited edition biscuit tin which will look perfect in your kitchen or utility room! This also contains 250g of our wheat-free, handmade ‘Keepers Bix’ cheesy dog biscuits, seasoned with Keepers Mix®.

ALL profits from this item will be donated to charity through the Dorwest Foundation charity account. The aim of which is to help dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvements. Hurry these won’t hang around long!

Ingredients: Tin of metal construction: 183mm (H) x 135mm (W) x 97mm (D). Keepers Bix: • Ingredients: oats, grated cheese, organic spelt flour, egg, milk, rye flour, Keepers Mix (kelp seaweed powder, celery seeds, alfalfa, nettle, rosemary, psyllium husks, clivers, wild yam root)

Can be uses during pregnancy?: Yes

Can be used during lactation?: Yes

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