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2018 marked the 70th anniversary of Dorwest Herbs, and as part of our 70th birthday and to show our commitment to ongoing charitable giving, we launched The Dorwest Foundation. We wanted to ensure our 70th year was not only a time to reflect on our heritage, but also look forward and give something back to pet world.

We have a long history of supporting charities and good causes. Every year we give away 100’s if not 1000’s of vouchers and products to charitable causes, often through dog shows and other events. We have also paid for life-saving equipment for animals at local fire stations and we donate products to charities for specific cases.

The aim of the Dorwest Foundation

To help dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvements and to support charities where dogs are trained to help humans either in an assistance, rescue or medical capacity’

The Dorwest Foundation will help dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvement. We will donate to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sales of our special foundation products.

Our brilliant supplements Keeper’s Mix® & Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive are our official Foundation Products with 10% of profit from every sale will be donated. By purchasing a product perfect for your pet’s foundation you will also support others.

We know we aren’t the only pet-lovers out there who want to support the welfare of dogs and cats, so we’ve made it easy for you to support dogs and cats with Dorwest.

We are delighted to donate £9000 to 5 different charities this December. This makes a real difference to these charities who put every penny to helping the animals in their care. We will check-in with these charities in 2024 to see where your generosity has helped dogs and cats in need.

galgosdelsol.orga licenced charity in both Spain and the UK, rescuing and housing over 300+ dogs in multiple kennel blocks with indoor/outdoor access, running water bowls, and so much more. Follow Mistletoe on Dorwest’s social channels, as they support her operations and recovery! 

ferneanimalsanctuary.orgrescuing and re-homing animals for over 80 years in the UK, first founded by Nina, Duchess of Hamilton & Brandon at the beginning of the Second World War. – finding UK homes for stray and abandoned dogs and cats from Romania and reducing the stray population in Romania through neutering programmes. (NFRSA)- set up to help support retired police dogs from Devon, Dorset & Cornwall Police services and fire dogs from Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Services. – have helped care for over 2000 pets since inception including: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other animals, through vaccination, microchipping, flea treatment and protection against lungworm, prescription of pain relief and helping fight infections, surgeries and sometimes just sat and listened.

Learn more about our Foundation products here.

Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats
New Keepers Mix Sensitive, an even more gentle version of our best seller for all round herbal health – ideal for puppies!

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Keeper`s Mix For Dogs And Cats Keeper`s Mix For Dogs And Cats

Keepers Mix is our most popular herbal supplement to maintain optimum health for dogs and cats.

This is a Dorwest Foundation product!

FROM: £15.50