“What can I give my dog everyday to keep them healthy?”

A well-balanced diet is fundamental to your dog’s health. Whether you feed raw or your dog is on dry food, getting all
the nutrients that your dog needs can be tricky and often owners don’t know why or how supplements fit into their dog’s diet.

Keeper`s Mix For Dogs And CatsKeeper`s Mix For Dogs And Cats

Keepers Mix is our most popular herbal supplement to maintain optimum health for dogs and cats.

This is a Dorwest Foundation product!

FROM: £13.90

Quite simply our top selling dietary supplement for all round herbal health, year after year, this wonderful and unique
formulation keeps dogs and cats in tip top condition by giving the diet a super-boost. Our Keeper’s Mix® contains 8 different
herbs finely powdered, all of which have different properties and differing amounts of minerals, vitamins and trace elements
that occur naturally in plants. Each herb in the mix contains ingredients that benefit a different major organ in the body.

As well as promoting a thick coat, Keeper’s Mix® has a positive effect on all these organs and support their function to help
maintain the body’s natural balance. It really is our top all round herbal supplement for all dogs, big or small, fed raw or dry!

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But we didn’t stop there…

2018 marked the 70th anniversary of Dorwest Herbs, and as part of our 70th birthday and to show our commitment to ongoing
charitable giving, we launched The Dorwest Foundation. We wanted to ensure our 70th year was not only a time to reflect on
our heritage, but also to look to the future and give something back to the dog and cat world.

The Dorwest Foundation helps dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvements and will
donate to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sales of our special foundation product.

10% of profits from our Keeper’s Mix® will go to the Dorwest Foundation to help build dogs and cats a good foundation.

We know we aren’t the only pet-lovers out there who want to support the welfare of dogs and cats, so we’ve made it easy
for you, too, to support dogs and cats with Dorwest.