We’re always working hard behind the scenes, looking for ways to improve your dog’s life. Many of you have puppies or dogs with sensitive tummies. Whilst we have a number of dog supplements to specifically support them with this issue, we also wanted to make sure our other staple products are accessible to them too. So, we have some very exciting news! We’re proud to introduce you to a new friend for your pet…say hello to Dorwest Herbs Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive! Just as powerful and even more gentle.

Read on to learn all about how adding this new addition to your four-legged friend’s diet could make all the difference to your dog’s life. We’ll explore all the benefits and how this version differs from the original Keeper’s Mix® for dogs. But most importantly, why it could be the pawfect solution for puppies and dogs with sensitive tummies. Now, don’t tell your dog…but cats can also enjoy this too!


Are you already using our original Dorwest Keeper’s Mix®? If so, you’ll know it’s a staple dog food supplement that helps give a super-boost to your dog’s wellbeing. Keeper’s Mix Sensitive provides the same powerful nutritional boost, with the gentlest delivery. This is excellent all-round health for all dogs and puppies. What’s more, both versions can provide extra nutritional support to working dogs and those experiencing high physical demands. Dorwest Herbs Keeper’s Mix® is also suitable for dogs that eat a raw-fed diet.

So how does this super-boost work? Well for starters, there’s nothing artificial. It’s simply jam-packed full of 100% herbal ingredients. These are all specially formulated to promote all-round health. The balanced herbs work together by supporting your dog’s vital organs, maintaining natural balance and encouraging healthy skin and coat! The best team of herbs! The great news? Dorwest Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive does exactly the same. It only has a few alternative herbs that may appeal a little more to the guts of cats, puppies or dogs with sensitive tummies.


We know puppies are particularly prone to sensitive tummies. As well as this many dogs and cats will encounter such sensitivities as they go through life. If this is your experience with your pet, you may be cautious about adding anything new to their diet. At the same time though, you may feel conflicted, as you don’t want your pet to miss out on dietary dog supplements. Not to mention, if they provide so much goodness! We don’t want you to have this dilemma. This is why we’ve worked so hard to create our new Keeper’s Mix® for dogs.


How exactly does it differ and why will this dog, cat, and puppy food supplement be of benefit to pets with sensitive tummies? Well, Dorwest Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive provides a milder flavoured, even gentler, same nutritional boost. How? It’s all thanks to our recipe of seven lovely herbs (five of which are included from the original version plus two brand new additions). So what are they and what do they do? Let us tell you…


Finely powdered kelp seaweed: Looking to improve your dog’s coat? We included this staple ingredient for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation.

Lucerne (Alfalfa): This nutritious plant is a truly wonderful source of vitamins A, C, and K, all of which are essential vitamins to promote pet health.

Nettles: These are rich in chlorophyll, iron and vitamin C.

Psyllium husks: These little beauties are a perfect addition for improving digestion and promoting a healthy bowel. Happy tummy, happy pet.

Clivers: These are great for promoting clear skin. They help maintain good kidney and bladder function too.


Marshmallow Root: This is a mucilaginous herb, traditionally used to help with digestive problems. It works by soothing irritated body tissues and assisting gut transit.

German Chamomile: This is a perfect new addition to our blend of herbs. It helps maintain balance within the body. It is also well known as a calming herb which is why it’s so great to include in dog food supplements.

We want your pet to be happy, healthy and with you for as long as possible. So, what outcome can you expect when you add the new Keeper’s Mix® to their diet? A lot of the goodness from these herbs is happening behind the scenes on the inside. Keep your eyes peeled for a thick and healthy coat and great pigmentation on the outside, as well as a boost to their overall health. You’re also likely to notice the extra spring in their step!


1 Measure: Small dogs and cats

2 Measures: Medium dogs

3 Measures: Large dogs

4 Measures: Giant breeds


We’re so very proud of our Keeper’s Mix® for dogs, which is our official Foundation Product. And now with the addition of our Dorwest Herbs Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive, we couldn’t be happier! We know how powerful our specialist blend of herbs can be for your pets – it’s been part of Dorwest for over 70 years. We are so excited to bring our best-selling dog supplements a boost, now even more gentle, to your pets this year and many years to come. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you!

Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats Keeper`s Mix Sensitive For Dogs And Cats
New Keepers Mix Sensitive, an even more gentle version of our best seller for all round herbal health – ideal for puppies!

FROM: £15.50

As always, our friendly team of trained advisors are on hand to help with any specific questions. If you need further advice or wish to talk through any of the ingredients, contact us today. You can do so by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 1308 897 27.