Adopting a dog or buying one? It can be difficult to know which is best for you. Recent statistics from the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PMFA) show there are now 12 million dogs in the UK. With popularity soaring, it can be increasingly difficult and expensive to buy a new companion. Yet there are also a high volume of dogs in animal shelters in need of a new home, with this number set to rise further.

As experts in herbal pet care, we are passionate for all things dogs! And because of this, we know that rehoming can be a fantastic way to find a new four-legged friend and make a positive difference too. To prove it, we’re going to explore the joys you can expect to experience when you adopt, don’t shop…


There’s nothing like a family of your own. Dogs who’ve experienced shelter life know this only too well – life in a rehoming centre just isn’t the same as a permanent home. Whilst charities do their utmost to settle any animals in their care, many dogs can find kennel life distressing. By adopting a dog, you can be the one to make a difference to their life. They’ll reward you tenfold, with copious amounts of love and adoration in return. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to share your life with a dog in need? From puppies to golden oldies and mongrels to pedigree dogs, adoption centres up and down the country have plenty for you to choose from.


The cost of purchasing a puppy is at an all time high. This can make it impossible for some to have a dog of their own. The cost of adopting a dog is significantly lower. For example, adoption tends to be less than £200 whereas purchasing tends to be in the £1,000s. Think of all the extra pennies you’ll have to spend spoiling your new dog, if you choose to rehome one vs buying. This is great news both for your dog and for your pocket!

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There are some excellent dog breeders in the UK but as with all industries, there are many more unscrupulous ones too. These are known as puppy farmers (and they do a very good job of disguising their true practices). Puppy farmers are taking advantage of the soaring demand. They repeatedly breed from dogs who are often hidden away in terrible conditions. Many pet parents are being unwittingly deceived by puppy farmers and are buying into an industry which makes the lives of parent dogs and puppies miserable. By adopting a dog instead, you can minimise the chances of playing your part in this terrible industry.

Thinking of breeding yourself? Read our tips for breeding dogs in one of our old blogs. Some of our herbal remedies for dogs have proven great for weaning and whelping too!


Poor breeding practices and exposure to awful conditions have resulted in an increase in health conditions in some puppies. Many new pet parents only discover the realities when they get home. This can prove costly by having both a financial and emotional impact on all those involved. Rehoming a dog via a reputable charity is always a safer option. This can help minimise the risk of suffering any heartbreak during the process of finding your new companion.

Rescue dog charities carry out extensive health checks before rehoming any puppy or dog. So, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are all given a full health MOT. They’ll be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, and neutered. If there are any ongoing health conditions, you will have awareness from the outset as well as support and tips to handle any conditions. Find out more about how to introduce herbal pet care to your dog for a range of health conditions.

Want to give your adopted dog some extra support? We offer puppy food supplements that target and support a range of conditions. Speak to a member of our team today for recommendations on our most suitable herbal pet care products for your dog. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog!


Charities are under increasing strain to handle the vast numbers of dogs in need. With more people returning to work after lockdown and less time for their dogs, this number is set to grow. Capacity is a very real issue, as rehoming centres only have a certain number of spaces available. It’s inevitable some dogs may not be lucky enough to even find a spot at a shelter, let alone a long-term home. By rescuing a dog, you’ll enable charities to have more space to take on more dogs in need and partner them with their new pet parents.


When you share the story of how you met your dog, you’ll be spreading the benefits of adoption and the great work of animal charities to others. Your friends/family may then be tempted to adopt after hearing your positive experience. More exposure, means more potential adopters = wonderful news for dogs! Many people often want to support the charity they’ve adopted their dog from even further too. Extra fundraising efforts from adopters can bring much needed financial support to charities. This means more work can be done so that dogs are placed in safety.


You might have your heart set on a specific breed of dog (and you might be lucky enough to be paired with one). However, it’s possible you might be paired with a breed of dog you’re unfamiliar with and it could open up a whole new lease of life for you. Animal charities are experts at pairing you with your pawfect partner. They take into account any preferences, lifestyle, experience, etc,  and pair you up with some wonderful dogs. Take advantage of a great opportunity to meet a new type of four-legged friend when you opt to adopt.


Many charities offer ongoing support in some capacity, such as behavioural support. They’re always on hand if you have any worries about your pet. They work hard to ensure your dog can settle as quickly as possible by providing plenty of information in advance and helpful tips for after you leave. Knowing there’s continuous support long after you’ve left a rehoming centre can feel very reassuring. This is especially true if you’re a new pet parent.


By adopting a dog, you’re doing a lot of good for your newly adopted friend but it works both ways! Be prepared for them to bring so much joy and happiness to your life. The power of dogs is far more than you might think! Having a dog can bring many physical and mental health benefits to your own life. Dogs can bring a sense of purpose to our lives, keep us active, and help us show and feel love too. Everyone wins when you choose to rehome a dog!


Now you’ve seen some of the joys of adopting a dog, you might wonder what to do next. There are plenty of animal charities ready to partner you with your new dog. You can either opt to rehome a dog from one of the larger charities such as Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home or the RSPCA. Alternatively, there may be some local rehoming charities nearer to you. Always do your research and check the reputation and credentials of any charities which interest you.

Have you adopted a dog? What joys have you experienced with them? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments below or via our social media pages. For further guidance on our puppy food supplements and herbal remedies for dogs, contact us. We also have a range of herbal pet care products such as joint care for dogs which are perfect for older rescue dogs. Give us a call today on +44 (0) 1308 897 272 or email