Now the weather is warming up, our adventurous dogs and puppies have got their noses firmly on the ground sniffing about looking for the next interesting smell or tasty morsel.  Whether it’s a squirrel that has been pottering around or crumbs from a picnic – this is all very interesting for our dogs.

The downside is that not only are they picking up these interesting sniffs, they are also more likely to pick up something not so favourable lurking in the grass which can result in loose stools and a generally upset tummy.

However help is at hand with our Tree Barks Powder which really is made from two finely powdered tree barks, slippery elm and white poplar. Tree Barks Powder  contains natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving compounds which soothe and line the digestive tract, help slow down the passage of food through the system to ensure maximum nutrients are absorbed, whilst firming the stools. Plus it acts quickly helping to spare your carpets!!

Due to its soothing properties, high digestibility and low fat content apart from diarrhoea Tree Barks Powder is also ideal for dogs and cats with intestinal disorders such as colitis, IBD, stomach acidity and intestinal sensitivities. Tree Barks Powder can be given as and when necessary or indefinitely if required, simply sprinkle it onto each feed or as my dog prefers it – licked off the back of a spoon when mixed with a bit yoghurt.

Of course,  please consult a vet if you are at all concerned about your pet’s condition.