1) Why did you join the Dorwest team?

The Dorwest team has been a part of my life for almost ten years now – and when the opportunity came up to join it full time to help my wife, Jo (Dorwest MD), continue to grow the business it was too good an opportunity for us to miss. It will also be really exciting to be able to work in an industry that I’m passionate about combining my love of dogs with my love of business.

 2) Tell us a bit about your previous working background?

My working background has always been the IT and Technology industry – I have most recently been responsible for the design, launch and operation of a security testing team for a leading UK defence company. I have developed a breadth of skills including business planning, management, financial planning and HR. Translating my skills from a large organisation to a small business is going to be both exciting and challenging at the same time!

3) What is your new role and how will you make a difference?

I have joined Dorwest as Business Operations Manager – this role is new to Dorwest and my intention is to ensure that the underlying processes and everyday activities behind the scenes are smooth running and efficient to enable us to grow effectively as a business and to continue to offer our customers the possible products and services.

4) What do you see as your biggest challenges at Dorwest?

Dorwest is a very strong organisation and I think my biggest challenge will be to improve on the already very high standards they operate to.

5) What pets do you have?

I have three whippets – Peggy (8), Elsie (5) and Hilda (3).

 6) What trends are you seeing in the pet industry?

We’re seeing more educated consumers who are looking for high quality natural products whether for healthcare, treats or feeding. Overall consumers pay the same attention to the quality of products for their animals as they would for themselves and any other member of their family.

 7) What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

It was usually staying out too late on my bike, coming back covered in mud and getting it through the house – I was a pretty good kid, although my parents might have more stories to tell than I can remember!

 8) At Dorwest we talk a lot about dogs and cats body parts, what’s your favourite body part?

Favourite… not sure… but my least favourite is my feet – having size 12 feet means you regularly struggle to get shoes in a shop!

 9) What do you do to switch off/relax?

My dogs! I love nothing more than being able to spend time with them – be that a quick walk at lunch time in the beautiful countryside of West Dorset, where Dorwest are based, or a nice relax on the sofa with them after the kids are in bed. Our dogs are a big part of our life and really are key members of our family. Apart from that I’m a really keen cyclist – I’ve cycled since I could walk pretty much and now it’s my major stress relief – and if I’m not riding I’ll be out in my workshop tinkering with one of my bikes.

10) How does Dorwest stay ahead of the game?

I believe that Dorwest stays ahead of the game by providing products of the highest possible quality and also ensuring that we treat every customer as an individual. At Dorwest we feel that by staying true to our roots and listening to our customers we ensure that the products and service is key to our continued success.