With the UK opening up again, we can’t wait for a summer getaway with most of us booking a ‘staycation’ with our pets!

If your pet finds car journeys stressful, it can make things really difficult for everyone and just getting from A to B a bit of a nightmare! Most travel problems in pets – be it excitability, excessive vocalisation, salivation or even upset tummies – can be due to anxiety. By relieving this anxiety, pets are not only much more comfortable but much more receptive to gentle training, making long term management of the problem more effective.

TOP TIP – These products can be used together if needed to make sure your pet stays relaxed and calm about travelling.

Valerian Compound For Dogs And Cats Valerian Compound For Dogs And Cats
Valerian Compound for dogs and cats is a quick acting solution to calm and control anxiety and hyperactivity.

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Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats
Digestive Tablets for dogs and cats may be the answer to aiding and supporting your pet’s digestion and to settle tummies before a car journey.

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Gentle training, supported by our established herbal products, can work wonders to help pets – young and old – realise that car travel is nothing to worry about.

Follow our travel tips below to achieve a sense of calm in the car when you’re out and about…

Provide a den: Most pets prefer travelling in a crate or confined area, as it makes them feel more secure

Desensitise: Take steps to get your pet used to the car (and specifically the area of the car that they will travel in) as a safe place by making the stationary vehicle somewhere to play, relaxation and even occasional feeding. As they build confidence, start the engine but remain stationary.

Short jaunts: When they seem ready, take your pet out in the car following a ‘short but often’ rule to accustomise them to a moving vehicle.

Time meals: Don’t give a meal just before travelling to avoid upset tummies.

Take a break: Stop for breaks often and NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle, especially on warm days!

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