Keeping good pigmentation throughout the year can be difficult and often issues such as a change in drinking water, lack of sunshine or a bitch following a season or whelping can be contributory factors. It is one of the more specific problems of particular concern in show dogs and affects some breeds more than others, being particularly noticeable in white breeds with black noses.

There are no certain ways to overcome pigmentation loss but generally speaking if there has been good pigmentation in the past, then it can be restored using specialised supplements.  

Pigmentation issues that concern owners are generally concerned with:

  • lack of colour on the nose
  • lips or eye where it is especially noticeable and this often occurs during the winter months and can be referred to as “winter nose”
  • or could be a genetic issue.  

Experience shows that iron and iodine are the specific minerals needed to help rectify this and elderberries and nettles are both rich natural sources.  Our Elderberry & Nettle Extract is a liquid source of these two valuable plants and can be simply added to the feed daily to help restore the lost pigment and can be given with any feeding regime.

Seaweeds are also a rich source of iodine, although some seaweeds contain much more than others and so the correct one should be given for maximum effect.  The seaweed we use is a pharmaceutical grade of Fucus vesiculosus which is the most effective for this purpose having the highest mineral content.  This is available in three of our products – our Kelp Seaweed Tablets contain both powder and concentrated extract of Fucus and is used to improve pigmentation and poor coat growth, making it ideal for those who find giving tablets easier than adding powders or liquids to the feed. For those who prefer to give a powder, we have our pure Kelp Seaweed Powder which again is Fucus vesiculosus and can be added to feed.

Finally there is our famous Keeper’s Mix®, an all-round supplement for general health that contains a high percentage of Kelp powder and would be a good choice for those wanting to generally improve condition following the winter as well as enhancing the pigment.

Many owners with breeds that are prone to winter nose or pigmentation problems, find that giving a pigment enriching product from the autumn through to the spring helps to retain pigment during the colder weather and keeps optimum condition by providing extra minerals.

We do recommend that whichever item you use it should be given for a minimum of one month and preferably two months to give time for the pigment to be fully enhanced and so obtain the full effects.

Dorwest medicines and supplements are the professional herbal range produced in the UK that have been used and trusted by veterinary surgeons and show dog owners for over 60 years.  They are not tested on animals, very rarely have side effects and are made to the highest quality standards.

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