Moving house is something we all have to do at some stage of our lives. It’s an exciting but often stressful time, not only for ourselves but for our pets too. In order to make it a positive experience, we’re sharing our top tips to keep in mind when moving home with a dog. There are plenty of actions you can take before, during, and after the big move. Would you like to know how? Read on below to find out more on how you can support them…


SECURE THEIR BELONGINGS: There can be a lot of chaos before and during your move; boxes everywhere with items to be packed and unpacked. One of the best ways to support your dog when moving house is to keep your dog’s belongings to one side. This ensures they don’t get lost and are easy to find in your new home. Don’t remove them until you really have to though.

KEEP THEM CALM: It’s likely there will be increased hustle and bustle at home before the move. You might also feel anxious. Many dogs can pick up on all of this. So, when moving home with a dog, try to keep relaxed. Sometimes involving your dog in the packing so they see what’s happening can be helpful. Maintaining a routine and spending quiet time together while preparing for your big move day can also help settle everyone’s nerves. And if you don’t already, you could try using some natural calming remedies for dogs in the run up to move day and beyond. Our Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets are ideal for this! These work well by naturally reducing your dog’s anxiety gradually, with no drowsiness.

PREPARE THEM FOR THE JOURNEY: Are you relocating to another part of the country? If so, preparing your dog for the long journey in advance is recommended. For example, when moving home with a dog, gradually build up their length of time in the car before moving day. Our Scullcap & Valerian calming tablets for dogs can also be great for reducing anxiety when travelling. You can find more in-depth information about how these work as well as tips for driving with your dog on our site.

REGISTER WITH A VET: Accidents and illness can happen at any time, so it’s important to ensure you’re registered with a local veterinary practice. This is an important factor to remember before moving home with a dog. Do your research online to enable you to sign up to the best practice for both you and your dog. Don’t forget to ensure you update your dog’s microchip details to commence on the day of the move.


KEEP THEM SAFE: Another way to support your dog when moving house is to plan where your dog will be on the day of the move. As it’s often a stressful environment, some pet parents prefer their pets to be left with a trusted family member or friend for the day. If you choose this option, ensure your pet is familiar with where they’ll be for the day. Visit in advance, leave them for a small amount of time and then come back (so they know you’ll return!)

Alternatively, have a safe zone in one specific room with someone they know. A sign on the door can help ensure all removers are aware and prevent unwanted escapees! The same applies when you arrive in your new home. Some quiet, soft music or TV can also help to block the sounds of moving day, which some dogs may otherwise find worrying. By having one person responsible for your dog on moving day, it means you can relax knowing your dog feels safe and cared for.

TRAVELLING TO YOUR NEW HOME: Before setting off, we recommend taking your dog for a walk so they can go to the loo and feel ready for a good snooze in the car. For those who are particularly stressed due to travelling or the move, we would recommend our Valerian Compound. Use this calming remedy for dogs as well as a good walk before setting off. This is not a sedative but reduces anxiety by helping to relax the nervous system. You can expect to see noticeable changes within 30 minutes. It can also be used in conjunction with our Scullcap & Valerian calming tablets for dogs.


REINTRODUCE THEIR BELONGINGS: When moving home with a dog, be sure to give them access to their belongings as soon as possible when arriving. This will help them feel relaxed in their new home. This is a great way to support your dog when moving house. Their belongings will contain their existing smells and can help them start to settle upon arrival.

EXPLORING THEIR NEW HOME: Once the removers have gone and doors are secure, allow your dog to explore at their own pace. Some dogs may whizz around at 100mph, whereas others may be a little more subdued. As there are likely to be plenty of boxes and potential hazards, accompany your dog as they explore until everything is unpacked. This can provide welcomed reassurance too.

CHECK THE GARDEN: Before letting your dog loose in your new garden, it’s important to check it’s 100% secure. The same applies to other hidden dangers, such as poisonous plants. Not sure what the dangers are? We have a blog with more information about how to ensure you have a dog friendly garden.

ROUTINE: Moving home with a dog can often lead to a lot of upheaval for everyone. Try to stick to your dog’s normal routine in terms of dinner time, last loo break before bed etc on the day of your arrival. This will help your dog feel more settled and help them relax. Try to stick to your usual routine as the days go on as well, to help maintain this feeling of familiarity.


TIME TO SETTLE: Moving house is a huge disruption for everyone. The same applies to your dog. You might see this in their behaviour. For example, some dogs are more restless at night with increased barking or howling at first. Be patient. Others may have a few “accidents” around the home too. But this can sometimes be a sign of marking their territory or that they haven’t quite worked out where the garden is yet! Increasing loo breaks can help minimise this. When looking to support your dog when moving house, gentle reassurance and understanding are key themes as both you and your dog adjust to your new environment.

WALKIES: Are you in a brand new area? Be aware your dog will need time to navigate their new surroundings. It’s best to keep your dog on their lead for their first few walks to ensure they feel settled and don’t become spooked during orientation of their new stomping ground. Be sure to ask fellow dog walkers for some great dog walks nearby, so you and your dog can start making new friends too.

WATER CHANGES: Did you know water changes, depending on where you’re located? In some cases, this can cause digestive issues whilst your dog’s stomach acclimatises to the new drinking water. We always recommend keeping our Tree Barks Powder close at hand to help with this issue. This digestive aid for dogs works thanks to its two ingredients; 90% finely powdered slippery elm bark and 10% white poplar bark. Together, they help soothe your dog’s upset stomach naturally through the digestive tract. A perfect addition for sensitive tummies which need extra support.


We hope the above has helped you feel prepared if you are planning on moving home with a dog. Remember, our team of advisors are always on hand for any advice. Here’s to a happy house move for everyone!

If you would like more information on our range of calming remedies for dogs and digestive aid for dogs, contact us. Our herbal remedies and supplements for dogs are designed to support your pet with a range of common conditions. Speak to one of our expert advisors today by calling +44 (0) 1308 897 272 or email [email protected]. If you are ever unsure or think there could be a more serious issue, we always recommend consulting your veterinary professional.