For over 70 years, the team at Dorwest has worked hard to bring the very best of herbal pet care to your dogs, as we know the positive difference it can make. From easing anxiety to soothing skin conditions & much more aside, we always love hearing how your dog’s life has been improved. We even have a beautiful wall at Dorwest HQ dedicated to your success stories! But don’t just take our word about the benefits – to end the year, we enlisted the help of some of our loyal customers & asked them to share how their dogs lives have changed this year – read on for a tremendous trio of success stories from 2021…

Melanie, Stanley & Mabel

Instagram: @mabel_alfie_stanley_dachshunds The Doxie Trio

Reason for trying herbal pet care products: Noise phobias & separation anxiety

Products used: Scullcap & Valerian Tablets & Valerian Compound.

Improvements: Calmer & more confident around other dogs

In the lifetime of our dogs, sometimes just one negative experience can have an impact on how they interact with the world. In the case of Mabel & Stanley, it was a series of events. A bad experience with another dog, the loss of fellow pet friend Alfie & shielding at home through the pandemic brought some unexpected changes to these dachshunds…

“Mabel was a confident, outward going dachshund who would let anyone stroke her. She was never phased by other dogs until she was attacked by a larger dog which changed her completely, physically & mentally. After the loss of our beloved dachshund Alfie, it seemed to get worse with Mabel. She would never settle & always seemed to be looking for him. Alfie was her protector. Then the pandemic hit & I found myself having to shield at home for 15 months due to the medication that I was taking. Without interaction from people and the outside world, Stanley & Mabel seemed to get worse.”

All dogs handle change & showcase their stress differently. In the case of Mabel & Stanley, this showed up in two specific ways, which you might recognise in your own dog:

“They started suffering from noise phobias, especially loud bangs & thunderstorms, also separation anxiety.”

Thankfully Melanie decided to try two of our herbal pet care products, both known for easing anxiety. So what difference have they made to the adorable Mabel & Stanley?

“Wow, what I can I say. I have definitely seen a difference. Stanley & Mabel seem a lot more calmer, especially Stanley. He is more confident when out walking & mixing with other dogs. We would definitely recommend Dorwest products.”

Charlotte & Kiba

Instagram: @kibathefluff KIBA THE SAMOYED

Reason for trying herbal pet care products: All-round health, skin allergies, stomach sensitivities, anxiety

Products used: Keepers Mix, Garlic & Fenugreek, Green Releaf, Scullcap & Valerian Tablets, Valerian Compound

Improvements: Overall health, reduced summer allergy symptoms, natural prevention against ticks & fleas, minimised anxiety, fantastic coat condition, settled tummy

We love the variety of ways you utilise herbal pet care for your dogs. For some of you, one firm favourite is added to your dog’s diet, for others, a combination of some of our leading products becomes part of the daily routine & delivers a variety of positive results. This is the case for Charlotte & Kiba:

“I have been using Dorwest products for just over a year now – I couldn’t possibly choose just one product to write about, as they have all become a main part of Kiba’s diet.”

Charlotte used to make her own nettle supplements before discovering the blend of ingredients used in our products e.g. in Keepers Mix. Thankfully, we can make life a lot easier for Charlotte & for you!

“Nettles are a natural allergy relief as they contain quercetin, which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy ingredient. So the mix of 8 of these herbs is incredible and provides your dog with an overall health boost! It’s been a fantastic addition to his raw diet.” 

The combination of the products & creating a consistent routine has delivered a variety of positive results for lovely Kiba, as his owner shares below:

“Keepers Mix combined with Garlic and Fenugreek and the Green Releaf tablets is part of our daily routine. This year, summer allergy symptoms reduced massively and we had no flea or tick outbreaks following our natural prevention regime! His coat is in fantastic condition, and I have noticed a lack of samoyed tumbleweeds around the house too. We have continued the use of keepers mix through a thorough elimination diet, as Kiba struggles with tummy sensitivities. It’s aided with reducing histamine levels during an allergy trigger and helped to settle his tummy quickly (thanks psyllium).

Kiba also hates thunder and fireworks. Well, he used to before we started using valerian compound combined with the valerian and skullcap tablets. Using this helped settle him much quicker, he was no longer pacing and whining this year. I also used it during a storm earlier this year and he ended up watching the lightning from our bed!”

Sarah & Vinnie

Instagram: @vinnie_the_pooch Vinnie

Reason for trying herbal pet care products: Support all-round health

Products used: Keepers Mix Sensitive

Improvements: Support of all-round health, helped reduce allergic reactions, supported immune system, healthy looking coat

As pet parents, it’s likely you’re always searching for ways to support your dogs overall health. Even more so if they experience sensitivities. This is what motivated Sarah & her gorgeous dog Vinnie to try our new product this year, Keepers Mix Sensitive, which she shares in our final story below.

“We have used Keepers Mix Sensitive for several months now. The product being a natural super boost for Vinnie’s diet, is perfect to ensure his all-round health needs are supported. We love how easy the powder is to add to all his meals, and how far the tubs go.

Vinnie has always had a bit of a sensitive stomach and has allergy related responses to things he is exposed to. We don’t quite know what causes his allergic reactions, but we have found that making changes to his diet and adding natural supplements including Keepers Mix Sensitive, has helped and supported us to reduce those reactions and supported his overall health and immune system.”

As well as supporting Vinnie’s overall health on the inside, there have been plenty of benefits from the outside too:

“One benefit of the keepers mix is a healthy looking coat and that is certainly something that Vinnie benefits from. Vinnie is regularly complemented on his coat. We do feel this is a result of his diet and supplements we give him.” 

Winter can be a particularly important time to support your dog’s overall health due to the impact it can have on joints, condition etc. For an active dog like Vinnie, gaining extra peace of mind about his general condition during this time has meant a difference for his pet parent…

“The natural supplements also support Vinnie’s overall health and condition during the winter months. Vinnie is a very active dog, and can be out in all weathers, so knowing his health and immune system is being supported by the natural supplements we use is fantastic for us as owners and of course for him.”


We always love to receive your herbal pet care success stories. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading just some of them here. Perhaps some of the stories resonate with you & your dog & you feel inspired? Remember, our helpful advisors are always on hand if you have any questions. If you’d like to share your success story with us, please share on your social media & tag us or drop us an email – they always make our day!

We couldn’t end this blog post without saying a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Melanie, Mabel & Stanley, Charlotte & Kiba & Sarah & Vinnie for taking the time to share your transformations. They have been totally inspiring!