Now that winter has well and truly arrived, here are our top tips to keep your pet healthy this winter

  1. Anti-freeze

Keep your dogs and cats away from anti-freeze, it contains Ethylene Glycol which  is incredibly poisonous to dogs and cats and unfortunately intake can lead to complete kidney failure. It’s sweet taste is particularly enticing, so keep it away at home and when out walking just be mindful on pavements in urban areas.

2. Protect their pads

With the frosty weather and especially when there is ice or snow on the ground, pets can get sore or burnt pads from the cold.  So after they’ve been outside, check their feet, remove any compacted snow or ice and if the pads look sore, try using our Paw & Nose Balm.  It’s soothing and healing and will make it much more comfortable for them.


3. Hidden dangers

Dogs love running in piles of autumnal leaves or in the snow (if we get any this year) but just be careful of hidden dangers. Lurking underneath could be broken glass, sharp twigs or even barbed wire. So take care on your walks and try to stick to known routes.

4. Icy/cold water

One of the biggest dangers to dogs in the winter, is hypothermia from falling into very cold water. Please don’t encourage your dog to jump on or run after a toy near ice. In the UK the ice to often too thin to support their weight, so it is best to keep them far away. If this does happen, do not follow your dog into the water, throw something onto the side of the ice for them to climb on to and call for help.

5. Be safe, be seen!

LED collars are essential, even at twilight a dog can be barely visible to a motorist or even to their owner if they are off mooching in fields or woods. A LED collar really is a great investment!

6.  Cough and colds

Just like us, dogs are more likely to pick up minor infections and viruses during the winter, because of a lower immunity due to the cold.   We are asked “What can I do to make sure my dog doesn’t get run down in the cold weather and help prevent picking up any infections going around?”   Fortunately there’s a simple answer to this one, which is that if you give Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets on a daily basis it will help to increase resistance to infections and strengthen the immune system.


7. Older dogs

Rug up older dogs, for those that are more mature it is a good idea to keep their muscles warm by buying them a well-fitting coat.

8. Joint support

Give your dog a little extra support, if  you have started to notice they are a little stiff when they get out of their bed in the morning, or after running. It maybe time to introduce a good quality joint supplement. JointWell® Tablets help provide an additional source of glucosamine for times when joints need a little bit of extra help!

9. Weight

Keep a careful eye on your dog’s weight. With the darker evenings and mornings, some dogs may not get the same amount of exercise as in the summer therefore may not burn as many calories, so you may need to reduce their food. If your dog does still get plenty of exercise you may find they need an extra meal or  a larger portion as they burn more calories in the cold weather. It is always best to use your own expert eye as a guide to feeding your dog and adjust accordingly.

10. Anxiety

Christmas & New Year stress. If all the family suddenly descend on the house at Christmas along with much merriment and strange noises this can be extremely unsettling for your dog. Plus with many celebrations having fireworks displays at all, it is easy for this fun time of year to become quite the opposite for your pet. If you are worried at all, start giving them a daily administration of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

Start around a week before and continue until life is back to normal, your pet will thank you for it!