Flyball is such a great sport, for the spectators and also for the dogs who always look (and sound) like they are having the best time!  Last year a more unusual breed stole the show, a beautiful whippet called Hustle!

What do you most look forward to at Crufts?

At Crufts I most look forward to the shopping! I always use the weekend to stock up on my goodies, there’s such a huge variety of things to buy and Crufts has become Christmas time for both me and my dogs!

Tell us about you and your Flyball team?

My team is called Aces High and 2017 sees our 16th year of enjoying Flyball. Half of the team compromises of my family therefore, we have a very healthy family ethos. Our team is very close and we all regularly participate in a number of different activities outside of Flyball. The values that tie us together as a team, allow us to function at all levels. We have members, both human and canine of all ages and abilities. Based in the North Kent area, we are one of only a handful of teams in Kent.

We understand you had an impressive year in 2016, tell us about it.

2016 was amazing for us! We had a very successful racing season, our first team finally managed the break the 16 second barrier with our new line up and after winning the BFA Championships in 2015, we were the first team to win the BFA Outdoor Championship in 2016. We also saw the arrival of our long planned Border Whippet puppies, all of which show great promise for the future!

If you could recommend one Dorwest product what would it be and why?

I love the Evening Primrose Oil. I’ve used this for a couple of years now and it’s always helped my dogs by maintain beautiful, healthy coats.

What is your favourite Crufts memory?

For me personally, my best memory was last year when I was asked by FourPaws to race my whippet Hustle with their team, which was made up of a few teams. I was a little anxious about Hustle, she was so ‘green’ had only just turned 23 months old, with very few events under her belt and certainly none on this scale. I was concerned the atmosphere in the main arena would be too much for her, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Hustle was amazing and took in all that the arena threw at her. She raced with absolute confidence and looked like she’d done it all a hundred times before. It’s unusual to see Whippets take part in Flyball at Crufts and following the event, on all three days that we competed, it took nearly two hours to get out of the arena due to the numbers of people wanting to say hello to Hustle. I received over 80 messages on Facebook from other whippet owners all over the world, two top dog magazines request interviews and Hustle was mentioned on dozens of Hound groups on Facebook. This made me feel very proud of my girl who really was awesome! The team she raced with were brilliant and undoubtedly made it much easier for her and for that I will always be grateful. Last year my daughter Tye Shelley, along with her Young Kennel Club Flyball team Corton Flyers, also won her event for the third year running so that was pretty awesome too!

What top tips would you give to someone who wants to get started in flyball?

The best tip I would have would be to have as much fun as you can and find a local team which offers you the values and training styles you prefer

Watch Hustle in action last year!