On Sunday 17th February, our MD Jo answered your questions about skin, coat & pigmentation in a Live on our Instagram.  

Read our summary below on a few FAQs mentioned in the live, including how the winter especially can affect your dog’s skin, coat & pigmentation. 

Why is skin health important for coat growth? 

Hair follicles sit in the skin like plants sit in soil – so the skin acts as a foundation and must be healthy, otherwise hair follicles will not sit correctly. Poor skin health may result in losing hair, more frequent shedding and lack of coat growth. This means that that coat quality is often down to skin quality! 

How do you know when itching and scratching is related to a skin condition? 

Some scratching is normal so it’s all about monitoring a change in your dog’s behaviour. If your dog is scratching more than usual, and persistent in scratching multiple times a day, this can suggest that your dog may need some natural support to help soothe the skin and strengthen immunity. 

Why does flaky skin occur in winter? 

Reduced moisture levels in the skin can lead to flaky, dry skin, which is more common over the winter period as we move between the cold outside air and warm (drying) inside central heating. This flaky skin can then lead to your dog itching more. 

What is the best natural support for flaky skin, especially over winter? 

To improve moisture levels within the skin, our natural Omega Star® oil is completely plant-based and nourishes the skin from the inside out. Containing UK grown cold pressed Flax seed oil, Blackcurrant seed oil and Borage seed oil (which is also known as starflower – hence the name!), Omega Star® provides high levels of Omega 3 & 6, important in regulating skin renewal, keeping scurfiness under control and improving coat condition and quality. Give daily to your dog on their food, with 4-6 weeks needed before seeing an improvement to their skin and coat. 

Is there a supplement that can help with coat changes after a spay/neuter? 

It is not uncommon for some dogs’ coats to change after being spayed or neutered, sometimes resulting in their coat turning slightly “woolly”. This is due to the change in hormone levels within the body. Omega Star® oil is great for helping to replenish their coat along with keeping the skin moisturised, with 10% GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid) which helps to restore coat shine and support quality coat growth. 

What skin & coat products would you recommend for show dogs? 

When showing dogs, you want them to look their best, from a glossy coat to healthy skin. Our Omega Star® oil is a bestseller for show dog owners, naturally high in nourishing Omega 3 and 6 oils to support a healthy skin and coat. This naturally balanced blend of omega oils and vitamin E naturally restores coat shine and reduces shedding. Our Kelp Seaweed Powder is extremely rich in minerals, trace elements, and organic fibres, helping to promote a thick coat alongside strong pigmentation.  

If you have a question on skin, coat or pigmentation, why not give one of our lovely product experts a call on 01308 897 272, or email [email protected].

See below for full video of the recent Instagram Live with Jo.