How will you celebrate this International Dog Day?

This year International Dog Day is on the 26th August and provides us with the perfect excuse to celebrate our pooches, big or small.

Also known as National Dog Day, it was founded to celebrate the importance of dogs in our everyday lives, from courageous service dogs to family pets, but also help raise awareness of rescuing and adoption.

For many of us, our dogs are our companions and part of the family. We’d love to hear your plans for celebrating with your furry friends, but here’s a few ideas from us…

  1. Take your dog to their favourite walking spot! Give your dog to the best day ever by celebrating them and what they love to do.
  2. Play your dog’s favourite game with them – from fetch to tug of war!
  3. Give your dog their favourite meal or treat! You can even put this in a puzzle feeder to help take it that step further, adding some enrichment to their day. 
  4. Or take your dog to their favourite shop, where they could choose a new toy to top off the day with that final bit of excitement.

It really is all about spending quality time together!

How to get involved with adoption & rescue

With roughly 130,000 dogs estimated to enter UK welfare organisations (re-homing centres) each year, and millions worldwide, adoption has never been so important with so many dogs still waiting for their forever homes.

If you’ve been considering a new canine addition to the family, research into local shelters and potential breeds as well as any financial implications. Or why not considering volunteering at your local shelter? This will allow you to spend time with the rescue dogs and also give your own valuable time to help out.

Our very own Customer Service Advisor Zoe is celebrating International Dog Day by volunteering at her local dog rescue, Margaret Green Animal Rescue, where she will be spending the day walking, giving out cuddles and lots of treats. This rescue is particularly close to her heart as she rescued her dog Huntley from there:

“It means a lot for me to continue volunteering and helping to raise awareness of the continuous flow of dogs coming into rescue centres. Regularly volunteering helps not only to provide the dogs with more exercise, but to help them have new experiences and meet someone new before going to their forever homes. I hope to continue building connections and giving lots of love to these wonderful furbabys for many years to come because they are truly magnificent! Adopting a dog is the best experience I could have ever asked for!”