Winter is often the time that a dog’s coat condition suffers due to the colder weather and the harsher conditions, along with a potential drop in pigmentation due to the lack of sunlight.

 Our expert advisors receive a lot of calls around this time of year asking, “how can I improve my dog’s coat and pigmentation?”

Coat Growth and Condition

The winter months can be heavy-going on your dog’s coat. The temperature, harsher conditions and day to day activities like having the heating on can all really affect the quality of your dog’s coat. 

If you are looking to promote a thicker coat and stronger pigmentation, our Kelp Seaweed Powder is exactly what you are looking for – with a special variety of kelp, Fucus vesiculosus, which is packed full of all the minerals and trace elements your dog needs to promote coat growth this winter.

Our Kelp Seaweed Tablets are double the concentration, with naturally high levels iron and iodine – ideal for helping grow a thicker coat and maintaining skin pigmentation through the colder months. 

Quality of kelp seaweed is important, as it can easily absorb toxins, that is why we use the species Fucus vesiculosus which is a deep-sea variety of kelp seaweed and is further away from the toxins and pollution that you might get from seaweed which is harvested closer to the coastline.  

Rest assured that our Kelp Seaweed Powder and Tablets are tested to British Herbal Pharmacopoeia standards, to make sure there are no heavy metals, contaminants and that micro-biology is the right level. 


A drop in pigmentation may occur on the nose, eyes, and mouth during the winter months and in bitches following a season or pregnancy. This fading is generally considered to be due to a shortage of minerals, particularly iodine and iron. Our Elderberry & Nettle Extract is specifically formulated to assist with this issue as it has high natural levels of both these minerals and is also the fastest route to regaining pigmentation. This dog coat supplement is added to the feed daily and can be given at any time of year and with any feeding regime without affecting the dietary balance. 

Alternatively, Kelp Seaweed Tablets or Powder may be used as these contain all the minerals and trace elements required by the body, including high iodine and iron content. Many people find it useful to give Kelp Seaweed Powder for dogs from autumn through to spring to help prevent a drop in pigment during the winter. Often, many owners have found that using Elderberry & Nettle Extract initially to regain the pigment is best and then to swap to Kelp Seaweed Tablets for dogs to maintain the pigment is a very useful way of managing the problem. If your dog doesn’t enjoy eating tablets, why not try our Kelp Seaweed Powder for dogs. 

It is necessary to give either product for a minimum of one month to enhance pigmentation that has been lost although it may take two or more months for it to be completely restored. 

Don’t forget you can contact one of our experts on 01308 897272 for advice on natural supplements for your dog. We are always happy to help with any advice for naturally supporting skin and coat.