Damiana & Kola Tablets are really a bit of a wonder tablet and has two wonderful uses in dogs. It contains three herbs, Damiana, Kola nut and Saw Palmetto extract, these are known for their anti-depressive, and energy-giving properties.  In fact Damiana was used by Native Americans as a nervous system stimulator and used to help forget everyday problems, tension caused by exhaustive work or traumatic situations and some took it to overcome mild depression.  It is perfect to awaken the senses both mentally and physically!

Give your dog energy and stamina

If your dog is experiencing low energy levels or just requires a bit of a boost to help perform at their best, then Damiana & Kola Tablets are ideal to increase alertness and stamina.  Used for many performance dogs including show dogs that require a bit of a ‘pep up’ and agility dogs when facing a busy weekend competing. This enables them to focus as well as give them energy.

This can also be useful for stud dogs to get them ready for the ‘main event’!

Just administer 2 hours before the activity for best results

Grieving or depressed dogs

It is heart-breaking to see your dog going through the grieving process, this can happen due to the loss of their owner or a kennel mate. It is worth remembering that this process is normal but sometimes it can be so worrying a little help can really make a big difference to help your depressed dog.

Damiana & Kola Tablets have proved to be very helpful for dogs who are depressed following illness or bereavement as they provide more energy and are a bit like giving a herbal “pep pill”, but one that can be used safely for as long as necessary to help them cope with the grieving process. 

The recommended administration guidelines are to give 1-2 tablets per 5kg of bodyweight daily and if possible, we advise to split the daily amount between morning and afternoon to ensure an even coverage throughout the day and so maximum effects achieved. 

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