Beau first arrived at the German Shepherd Rescue Elite Bristol Kennels tremendously nervous and stressed and completely scared of her own shadow. The staff and volunteers worked hard to get Beau less stressed but they could see that this would take time, teaching and patience. At the Bristol Kennels, Beau was surrounded by experienced dog trainers and behaviourists like Sarah who have been working to rebuild her trust in people and regain confidence in her daily life.

We also supported Beau and the help of the kennels by donating some Scullcap & Valerian Tablets, our herbal supplement to help anxiety and nervousness, and the equivalent fast acting supplement, Valerian Compound.

We are thrilled to hear that Beau is now in her forever home with lovely owners Paul and Deborah.

Beau and her new family

“I first saw Beau on GSRE Twitter feed and took a shine to her and her story.  Over time I began to wonder whether it was feasible to think about adopting Beau given she ignores cats (we have three), and we eventually filled in the required forms and were given the warts and all challenges we might face given Beau’s background and anxiety.

Beau came to her forever home on Saturday 5 January 2019 and is settling in amazingly well and has been introduced to the resident cats and grandchildren with great results.

In just the 8 weeks since she came to her forever home, she has just grown in confidence and just oozes affection and personality.  After initially walking with a muzzle, she now walks off muzzle with proper support from Debbie and myself. as long as she can see people approaching and you talk to her and reassure her, she is making positive choices to great effect.

She plays in the garden and would be quite happy for you to fuss her all day, she is just a sweetheart.

Hard work pays off

The team at GSRE and the kennels at Bristol have done an amazing job with her. We are now continuing that work and trying to ensure we keep boundaries for Beau so she continues to develop and grow into the amazing companion she is destined to be. I have no doubt the Dorwest supplements have played their part in keeping Beau calm to enable that progress to continue.

We worked out that we drove 1272 miles over 6 trips to meet Beau and the team and we would do it again in a heartbeat.  I think we were destined to be Beau’s forever home and we just adore her and the character she is.” –Paul Sweet

We are so pleased that we can help dogs like Beau who have so much to give but their fear and anxiety holds them back to reach their full potential.

We’d like to thank all of the staff and volunteers at the German Shepherd Rescue Elite kennels for all their hard work and for supporting dogs like Beau and giving them a second chance.

And not forgetting a huge thank you to Paul & Deborah for having the patience and faith in Beau!

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