Toy_3As we build up to Crufts 2016, Dorwest wanted to share with you just a few of the many #dorwestdogs taking part in the most exciting event of the year for dog lovers. Thursday the 10th March at the NEC, Birmingham the first day of Crufts begins and will see the Toy Group take to the stage. So we caught up with Travis the Papillon who will be taking part and his owners Irene and Glenn Robb to find out what life’s like for Travis as a #dorwestdog. Travis is no stranger to dog shows winning Top Dog all breeds in 2015 here’s what Irene and Glenn had to say.

“Whatever products you choose to use for your beloved canine friend, there is always one simple saying ‘Simply the Best’. That is what Dorwest Herbs products are all about, providing the best possible maintenance to ensure your four paws are healthy and active for their entire life.          

For us here at Gleniren Sunshoo this is a priority for all our Papillons, whether they are a puppy or maturing adult. Dorwest Herbs have something for every possible eventuality that crops up.

RDTFor the toy breeds with their small mouths it is essential that the tiny teeth are kept clean and sparkling. To keep teeth in tip top condition we use the Dorwest Herbs Roast Dinner flavoured toothpaste. It is tasty for the dog, low foaming and gentle, but effective. Get your puppy accustomed to having something in their mouth early. Firstly by rubbing your finger along the gum, then introduce the toothpaste on your finger. Move on to a baby toothbrush and in the end your little one will love it. For the older Papillons, who very often during the winter months tend to lose pigment we supplement this by giving them Dorwest Herbs Elderberry & Nettle Extract.

The Papillon is a fun dog who will walk you off your feet, are quite happy playing in the garden or relaxing on a sofa. The Papillon is referred to as the ‘dainty butterfly’ with their ears and fringing spreading like a butterflies wings. The Phalene variety is better known as the ‘moth’ as they have their ears down.

Grooming is just ten minutes a day and you will be able to wash, dry and groom yourself. No clipping needed, so an expense spared for visiting the grooming parlour.

A toy breed is easy to live with whether you have a small or large living space. You can take them almost everywhere and most toy breeds are just happy to please and be with you.

Toy_1_webHere at Gleniren we have been in our beautiful breed the Papillon for more than twenty years. We love them to bits and they are always our best friends first and being a show dog and winning second. Our dogs love being in the show ring and get so excited when they know they are going to a show. Showing always has to be fun for both the handler and dog, which is what it is always about. The show scene is very social and you will meet lots of like minded folk who just love their dogs.

For us at Gleniren Sunshoo 2015 was a special year with our beautiful Travis who took the prestigious award Dog World / Arden Grange Top Dog All Breeds 2015.
A perfect companion or a show dog you will never regret owning a Papillon.

Thank you, Dorwest Herbs for helping keep our dogs in super condition.
Irene Robb (Gleniren Sunshoo Papillons and Phalenes)
Irene & Glenn Robb and Carolyn Roe

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