Photo 05-01-2009, 10 20 40Not long until the start of the big event in everyone’s dog calendar at the NEC and we thought we’d share with you another #dorwestdog!

Many visitors to Crufts love to visit the Discover Dogs section. Here in Hall 3 you can find over 200 Kennel Club recognised breeds, across all seven of the groups, from the ever-popular Labrador Retriever, to the new and not so well known, Picardy Sheepdog. All of these dogs can be found alongside their owners who are keen to show and explain what it is like to live with their chosen breed – as well as having vast knowledge of the heritage of the breed.

Dorwest are proud to be able to have supported and helped all varieties of canine breeds over half a century and over the past week we’ve seen some very popular breeds, and so we decided to catch up with a more obscure breed to many, the Basenji – the breed that does not bark and originally from Central Africa.

These are words from the canine mouth of Chief Basenji writer Matilda, who lives alongside Dee and Trish;

“We are a family of five Basenji’s who live happily in Lincolnshire.  The family consists of mother Millie, daughters Coco and Cilla, brother Elvis, and me, cousin Matilda from the USA.

KM250We very much live up to our reputation of being a Hound, but more importantly we are typical Basenji’s.  We hate the cold but even more the rain and wet, although at a push we can be persuaded to go for a walk in the rain but only wearing one of our assortment of waterproof dog coats! Our main food is a complete dog kibble, which works really well for us all, however Keeper’s Mix is an essential part of our daily routine.  It provides the extra supplement to our diet for all our ages, as we range from 2 to 12 years. All in all there is nothing more satisfying for us and our people than planting our paws very firmly and giving everyone a big loud yodel….”

If you would love to meet Dee, Trish and the Basenjis, or any of the other Discover Dogs volunteers, you can find them in Hall 3, not far from the Dorwest Stand at Crufts 2016.

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