Bad breath can occur in all dogs no matter how big or small, old or young. Bad breath can become intolerable and disturbs the relationship with your dog. Many owners attempt to improve their dog’s bad breath by using toothpaste, changing their diet or trying different foods but sometimes the smell still lingers. Domino and Scrumpy now have fresh breath- Here is how… 

Scumpy on the right, daughter Pippin in middle, and son Cedric on left


Caroline’s 13 year old Labrador Scrumpy has had awful bad breath and after trying different foods and using doggy toothpaste, there was no improvement. Caroline resigned herself to the fact that it was just “old lady smells”. Until she was recommended Neutradog® by her mother.

“It worked brilliantly and within 6 weeks she had sweet smelling breath and seemed more energetic in herself and healthy looking”

Caroline is thrilled with the results of Neutradog® and has even started giving it to Scumpy’s son, Cedric. She now has two very happy, smell-free dogs!




Bad breath was a similar issue for Domino, a 5 year old Lowchen. His owner Caira thought his breath was “putrid” and even the vet could not understand why his breath was so bad. However Caira started to give Domino one Neutradog® Tablet a day and she has seen a big improvement.

“He still has a slight odour to his breath but nothing life before. He also had skin issues and would shake his head and scratch his ears a lot, but this has also stopped”

Caira is continuing to give Neutradog® to Domino and would recommend it to other smelly breath dogs!

There are generally two reasons and sources of bad breath; From the mouth caused by dental issues or smells from the gut.  Dental issues need to be resolved first by visiting your vet and then from any treatment they recommend.  Neutradog® is perfect for helping to reduce and neutralise odours and that come from the stomach. Scumpy and Domino’s breath improved because their smelly breath primarily came from their stomach.