Kelp Seaweed Powder for Dogs and Cats

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A dietary supplement that provides essential nutrients. Fucus vesiculosis is the variety of kelp we use as it is a particularly rich source of minerals due to its high level of organic compounds and particularly its significant iron and iodine content. Our kelp is from deep sea unpolluted sources to ensure the highest level of purity. It provides all 37 minerals and trace elements required to maintain a healthy metabolism and so is a valuable all round mineral supplement. Promotes dense coat growth and helps to maintain good pigmentation.

Kelp Seaweed Powder is finely powdered so it can be easily added to the daily feed. It may also be used as an alternative to our Kelp Seaweed tablets if preferred, although it does not have the same potency as the tablets which also contain concentrated Fucus extract. Suitable for use both as a natural mineral supplement and to promote good thick coat growth and maintain pigmentation, especially when given during the winter months.

Ingredient: Finely powdered Fucus vesiculosis, conforming to British Herbal Pharmacopoeia standards.

Administration: 1 teaspoonful per 10kgs bodyweight daily added to the feed

Use during pregnancy and lactation: Yes

Age from which can be used: 8 weeks of age

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication

Long or short term use: Can be given indefinitely as a supplement to the diet

Special warnings: It is advisable to seek veterinary advice before giving this product to animals suffering from a thyroid disorder.

Always read the label

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