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Damiana & Kola Tablets For Dogs And Cats - 100 Tablets

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Damiana & Kola Tablets For Dogs And Cats - 100 Tablets

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Naturally increase alertness, vitality and stamina. Perfect for show dogs or those feeling lacklustre

Is your pet feeling a bit lacklustre? Let us help you put a spring back in their step! Using a powerful trio of herbs to increase alertness, vitality and stamina, this supplement is the perfect pick-me-up for pets with low energy levels, such as those recovering from a recent illness or suffering bereavement. It can also give your pet a much-needed boost when they need to perform at their best, such as in the show ring.

What are the ingredients?

Our Damiana & Kola Tablets are a bit of a wonder tablet really, containing a powerful mix of three herbs; damiana, kola nut and saw palmetto extract. These are all known for their anti-depressive and energy-giving properties. 

Which pets will they benefit?

If your pet is experiencing low energy levels or just requires a bit of a boost to help perform at their best, then our Damiana & Kola Tablets are ideal to increase alertness and stamina.  Used for many performance dogs, including show dogs that require a bit of a ‘pep-up’ and agility dogs when facing a busy weekend competing, Damiana & Kola Tablets can help them to focus as well as give them energy. They can also be useful for stud dogs to get them ready for the ‘main event’! For specific one-off events, just administer two hours before the activity for best results.

They are also perfect for pets suffering from low-energy levels following illness or suffering bereavement, and can be used daily for as long as necessary. We recommend splitting the daily amount to give half in the morning, and half in the evening to ensure an even coverage throughout the day and so maximum effects are achieved.

Do pets grieve?

Has your dog lost their best doggy pal, or perhaps an owner has passed away? It is heart wrenching to lose someone, whether they are a pet or human family member. It is equally normal to expect that your pet will notice when their companions are no longer there. Whilst we don’t know whether or not their experience of ‘sadness’ compares to our own grieving, we can assume that they are going to be unsettled at the very least.

How can I help my grieving pet?

Allow your pet to do self-comforting things such as sleeping or staying in their beds for a bit longer than usual while also giving them some extra TLC. Once you all feel up to it, try and provide them with some extra enjoyment, maybe try a new routine with a few extra playtimes, treat them to a new toy (ones that provide mental stimulation are particularly good) and for dogs, maybe try organising some more playdates with dogs they already know. Our Damiana and Kola Tablets can also help, by increasing energy, vitality and alertness, almost like a herbal ‘pep-pill’. They can be used for as long as necessary to help your pet cope with the grieving process, so keep giving them until you see signs that they are feeling better.

For more information, including administration, use in pregnancy and lactation and any interactions please go to the information tab.

Ingredients: Damiana 230mg, Kola nut 45mg, Saw palmetto 45mg

Can be used during pregnancy?: No

Can be used during lactation?: No

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