Pamper your four-legged friends with our naturally powered shampoos and balms – with options to suit all skin types!

Just like us, our pets have different hair and skin types, so how can one shampoo fit all?
Our range of naturally derived shampoos and balms are perfectly balanced and packed full of specially selected botanicals to help all pets look their best! All our shampoos contain aloe vera and chamomile extracts and are specifically pH balanced for pet skin to ensure optimum hydration.

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With summer well and truly on the way, your pet may need some extra support for their skin – with more pollens around, the heat and parasites their skin may become more sensitive and benefit from more frequent washing and some TLC!

Our Clean & Fresh Shampoo utilises black peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus to gently cleanse while helping to deter parasites.

We’ve included oatmeal and lavender in our Soothe & Calm Shampoo to help restore, moisturise and rebalance, making it ideal for pets with sensitive or irritated skin.

Rose geranium, blood orange and jasmine work together in our Scent & Shine Shampoo to enhance coat shine and smells divine.

Clean & Fresh Shampoo Clean & Fresh Shampoo
Keep your pet fresh and clean with black peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils

FROM: £8.90

Soothe & Calm Shampoo Soothe & Calm Shampoo
A naturally soothing shampoo for sensitive skins containing oatmeal and lavender

FROM: £8.90

Scent & Shine Shampoo Scent & Shine Shampoo
For unbeatable shine with rose geranium, blood orange and jasmine essential oils, ideal for all skin types

FROM: £8.90

Our ultra-nourishing balms complement the range and are perfect for soothing and moisturising dry noes, paws and skin. Formulated with a soothing infusion of herbs in sunflower and jojoba oils, combined with beeswax and nourishing shea butter, our balms really are the answer to help soothe sore paws, scrapes and dry patches plus their great on our human hands too!

Our hand-crafted, lick safe Skin Balm is incredibly versatile and perfect for irritated, dry or problem skin. With lavender, rose, geranium and mandarin oils blended with natural beeswax and nourishing shea butter, the ultimate skin treat for your pet.

Our ultra-nourishing Paw & nose Balm is perfect for softening crusty noses and soothing sore, cracked pads. With no added fragrance, it’s ideal for those highly sensitive doggy noses and of course, it’s also lick-safe. Combined with natural beeswax and nourishing shea butter, this balm is a pot of pure goodness.

Paw & Nose Balm - 50ml Paw & Nose Balm - 50ml
Moisturises and nourishes crusty noses and cracked pads. Handcrafted with UK grown herbs and is lick-safe!


Skin Balm - 50ml Skin Balm - 50ml
Soothes irritated skin with calendula, comfrey and chamomile. Handcrafted with UK grown herbs and is lick-safe!


Now 25% off with code NATURAL22

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